Золото, инвестиции в золото

Gold is a chemical element, to indicate which uses symbol Au. The reduction comes from the Latin word "aurum". Gold – This simple substance. Refers to the noble metals yellow colours.

On the stock exchange gold serves as a product. Is indicated by a specific code is XAU. A great popularity have futures contracts on this metal. The price is indicated per Troy ounce. Many investors consider it a good option for cash investments.

In addition to traditional bars, also the central banks of various countries issued gold coins.

In our country an investment in precious metals is possible in many banks. In addition to operations with traditional bars and coins, You can use metal accounts.

Gold: history

Gold mining started in the history of mankind even since the bronze age. It was widely used in Mesopotamia and Egypt. In ancient times, people have believed, that this metal comes from some mixing of water and Sun. Already then the gold symbolizes prosperity. So basically used to produce a variety of jewelry and luxurious things.

Самый большой самородок в мире "Плита Холтермана", found in Australia in 1872 year
The largest nugget in the world
“Plate Holtermana”, found in Australia in 1872 year

Gold became the cause of many wars. For example, grips land of Persia 344 BC by Alexander the great. One of the goals is access to vast reserves of gold in these territories. Or opposition in Poseidon 202 BC, that opened the Roman Empire road to gold-bearing Spanish lands.

You know this historical concept, as the gold rush: When discovered new gold deposits led to enormous economic change in large areas.

For example, This phenomenon has been observed in 1700 year in Brazil. Production of new gold reserves was conducted tons. Country instantly turned into a major supplier of the metal. Gold seekers flocked to Brazil, that was an important reason for the rapid development of the whole continent.

Through 150 years the situation repeated itself in North America, When the California lands were discovered huge deposits of gold. Through 2 This year's coveted metal was discovered in Australia-dying again, new residents of the continent and rapid land development.

The most famous gold rush occurred in the end 19 century Klondike. All the "get rich quick" seekers rushed into Canada and Alaska. By the way, Yukon River can still find small gold stocks. But to get enough gold to rent specialized acceptance points, no need to spend one month.

The latest in history to date is considered to be the gold rush at the beginning 20 century in South Africa. But here was already professionally organized on an industrial scale.

Modern production and the use of gold

Today uses four technological options for gold extraction. This is the traditional washing, using mercury amalgamation, Cyanidation, as well as regeneration. Every year, the World Gold production is approximately two and a half thousand tons. The leading country in this respect-South Africa. Russia in the global gold mining list ranks sixth. Mining is conducted in Australia, United States, China, Peru, Canada and other countries.

Gold is used in electronics as coatings contacts, in the manufacture of printed circuit boards and connectors, as well as in pharmacology, medicine (mainly, Dentistry) and even in the food industry. But the basic application, of course, This jewelry making.

Since the metal in its pure form is too soft, in the manufacture of jewellery are added various alloys. For example, the combination of zinc, copper, Palladium etc.. Corresponding color decoration attached copper or silver (Red, yellow or white gold). Each year in the production of jewelry accessory employs more than two thousand tons of gold. About 27 % India buys finished products. This is followed by China and United States.

Gold value ensures its rarity and difficult extraction. So this metal since ancient times is considered a profitable investment and a good choice of accumulation.

By the way, now, many experts in the field of economy with regard to the increasing phenomenon of various financial crises and enormous debts in developed countries, bring to the consideration of the issue of the return of some form of gold standard in near future.

Investing in gold

Investing in gold is possible through banks, working with precious metals. While in our country being bought or sold as ingots, and coins. In addition, many prefer to work with so-called anonymous metal accounts, that avoids the payment of value-added tax. The world quotations for those, who are interested in investing in gold, There are in special section on our website.


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