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Инвестиции в Yandex, Котировки Яндекса, акции Яндекс

Yandex (Yandex) is the largest Russian IT-holding. Is the eponymous search engine and mul′tiportalom in virtual space, providing more 50 services.

In accordance with the rating for 2015 year site is at 19 in global popularity of Internet resources and in first place among Russian sites. The company Yandex is incorporated in the Netherlands as a joint-stock company.








  • One of the biggest and best IT companies in Russia
  • Keeps 60% Internet search market and, Accordingly,, contextual advertising, related
  • Actively developing parallel services, from payment systems to call a taxi.


  • Significantly inferior to world leader Google on technical capabilities. Suffice it to say, that a search engine cannot index sites in real time and forced to do periodic updates.
  • On the one hand, Yandex sufficiently independent company, but on the other, It is subject to the same political risks, like other domestic mass media.
  • Payment system Yandex money was under international sanctions because of financial ties with Sberbank

Stock quotes Yandex

Brief information about the company

To create and run search engine took place in 1997 year. The enterprise itself as a separate organization based in 2000 year. Yandex shares were first posted on NASDAQ later 11 years after the formation of the company, and this has increased the capital by an enormous amount, Although a much smaller, than at the time of the IPO, Google. After another three years, shares of Yandex became a bargain and the Moscow stock exchange».Yandex Quotes, shares of Yandex

At the moment the company employs over 6,000 employees in seven countries around the world. The company is headquartered in the Netherlands, but in Russia it is a subsidiary of "Yandex". On the territory of our country, the proportion of the use of this search engine is more than 60 %. In addition, the company owns a number of popular Internet services, including, through a subsidiary, with the participation of Savings Bank, payment system Yandex Money.

Company prospects

The main profit of the holding is the placement and sale of contextual advertising in Runet. The immediate prospects of the company is development and active development of new markets in the virtual space.

Shares Of Yandex

The main shareholders of the company are the representatives of senior management Yandex and various funds. According to financial analysts, investing in stocks at the moment, Yandex is quite a profitable investment. On financial projections for the near future promotions will grow steadily Yandex, and buy them with the release of the company's shares on the MICEX is now quite simply. Previously, When Yandex shares turned only on the NASDAQ in the United States, for their purchase amount required from 100 thousand rubles. After the start of trading on MICEX, enough initial amount on account of 30 thousand rubles.

The main

Market capitalization:
The value of the company:
P/e Ratio:
PEG Ratio:
Price/Sales Ratio:
Price/book value ratio:
Ratio Price/Income:
Ratio Price/EBITDA:

Финансовые показатели

Financial year
Reporting date:
Last report:
Monetary assets:
Monetary assets per share:
Total debt:
Debt per share:
Coeff. current liquidity:
Net book value per share:
Account of profits (loss)
Sales per share:
Change in sales per quarter, year-to-year:
Gross profit (loss):
Net total income of shareholders:
Earnings per share (EPS):
The quarterly changes in yield (year-to-year):
Cash flow
Operating cash flow:
Free cash flow:
Profit margin:
Operating margin:
Management effectiveness
Return on assets:
Return on shareholders ' equity

Trade information

История котировок
Beta Coefficient:
Change for the 52 of the week:
Maximum per year:
Minimum per year:
The average for 50 days:
The average for 200 days:
Average trading volume:
Shares issued:
Shares in circulation:
Shares from affiliates:
Shares from institutional investors
Open short positions:
Coefficient of short positions
% short sales from:
Shares in short selling:
Dividend and split (crushing) shares
Expected dividends for the year:
Expected dividend yield:
The current dividend yield:
The average dividend yield for 5 years:
Dividend payout ratio:
Date of dividend payment:
Register closing date:
The latter conducted stock split:
Date of split:

Financial indicators of the company Yandex n. V.

Results of operations over the past three years, Yandex, taken from the accounting data.

Yandex N.V.: Акция (in United States dollars)
2012 2013 2014
Net profit per share 0,81 1,29 1,38
Diluted net income 0,79 1,26 1,35
Dividends per share 0 0 0
The total size of dividend payouts
Yandex N.V.: Performance companies (in USD)
2012 2013 2014
Revenue per share 2,76 3,7 4,04
P/e Ratio (price at year end, Basic EPS) 26,55 33,34 13,01
P/e Ratio (price at year end, diluted EPS) 27,32 34,15 13,27
P/e Ratio (price at year end) 26,55 33,34 13,01
Dividend yield at the end of the year, % 0 0 0
Ratio of own funds 83,66 65,34 58,72
Debt burden ratio 16,34 34,66 41,28
Yandex N.V.: Profit and loss statement (USD, million)
2012 2013 2014
Revenue 925,82 1239,51 1314,81
Change the revenues, % 35,88 33,88 6,08
Gross profit 599,51 790,77 827,4
Modified gross margin, % 31,03 31,9 4,63
Operating profit 304,26 402,8 396,85
To change the operating profit, % 27,18 32,39 -1,48
EBIT 340,31 524,43 582,08
Change In EBIT, % 36,72 54,1 10,99
Profit after tax 264,64 422,79 440,8
Change in profit after tax, % 34,78 59,76 4,26
Yandex N.V.: Balance (in Mio. USD)
2012 2013 2014
Total debt 236,94 752,1 653,13
Change the aggregate debt, % 0,06 1,67 1,54
Own capital 1212,75 1418,05 928,93
Change in shareholders ' equity, % 34,55 16,93 -34,49
Balance 1449,69 2170,15 1582,07
Change of balance, % 36,66 49,7 -27,1
Yandex N.V.: Other indicators (in USD)
2012 2013 2014
Earnings per share (Basic EPS) 0,81 1,29 1,38
Change in earnings per share, % 30,35 59,55 6,64
Diluted earnings per share (diluted EPS) 0,79 1,26 1,35
Change in diluted earnings per share, % 31,79 60,25 7,13
The number of employees 5616

Where to buy shares of Yandex

Shares listed on the stock exchange, Moscow Yandex. They can buy or sell anyone, using the services of one of the best brokers.

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