Meeting of entrepreneurs with Putin: “freedom” for business

Встреча предпринимателей с Путиным: свобода для бизнеса

Meeting of entrepreneurs with Putin within the Congress "business Russia" took place on the eve of the anniversary of 15 in honor of this public organization. The main topics of the discussions became the sanctions and their possible "positive" impact on business. Business participants was presented Wednesday 78 regions. And the whole "business Russia" is on today 30 committees and 86 branch offices.

Putin — entrepreneurs

Speaking at the Congress of the Association of entrepreneurs "Business Russia", Putin again showed one of the two: or he's pathologically says one, and makes other, or Frank split personality.

Verbatim the words of the President sounded so:

“It is important to, that we have a common understanding of national priorities and the overall approach. He is, to give business maximum freedom”

Next, Putin's speech drowned in threads demagoguery. About Tom, that there is a need to establish a dialogue of power, including law enforcement, with entrepreneurs. Expand effective partnerships between the authorities on the ground and businesses. Create high-quality business Wednesday, and so on, and the like.

As a result, the President promised to continue to carry the same nonsense, but already at the State, where he promised to consider the interaction of authorities with business Wednesday.

Words and reality

In fact, State in our days trying to milk a cow not only business, but at the same time take its meat. With the second it turns out he is much better and more successful.

Meeting of entrepreneurs with Putin raises some themes, and statistics says about opposing stubbornly facts. The number of active enterprises in Russia is rapidly shrinking, and most of all — in recent years, just during the period of sanctions. Now, a year from the registry of legal persons leaves average around 200 companies per year. And this is without taking into account the, who simply could not afford to pay for their own elimination.

Even more catastrophically look data for individual entrepreneurs. Since, When the pension fund contributions have risen several times. For those, who do not know, This form of business assumes a certain annual payment, independent of income payment in the amount of, not much smaller, than the average monthly salary in the country.

Now charges to the Pension Fund for further looting and direction on patching the budget holes is planned to link in the coming years, with the minimum wage. Thus, Despite the drop in income due to inflation, предприниматели будут все равно платить с каждым разом все больше и больше.

Meeting of entrepreneurs with Putin: No word on Wednesday

In reality, sanctions, Of course, to a certain extent reduce the competition. That gives an opportunity for entrepreneurs, purely theoretically, earn more. But at the same time, It is important to understand, What.

Because of the sanctions, business gets the opportunity to earn on release of poor-quality and competitive products. And what's more, financial constraints lead to total absence of any hope whatsoever for modernization — due to a lack of investment.

Sanctions against the banking system, the main part of which is still in the hands of the State, led to a shortage of money in the market and consequently, high loan rates.

As a result, business remains only one hope: the support from the budget of the. It is for this purpose, ultimately, and collected by organizations such, as "business Russia" – lobbying donations.

However, we know, что и без них в бюджете дыра, which at the end of the year turns out to be considerably more than planned 3% of GDP. Contingency fund reach the last months. As Prime Minister, Medvedev, no money.

But even if they were, the State in Russia never managed their assets effectively. But in the current political power entrepreneurs are forced to compete with each other and not with any other, and Panamanian offshore.


  1. Про корову хорошо сказано, но а когда в России было по другому? Предпринимателям становится всё тяжелее, только успевай платить и изворачиваться, чтобы выжить.


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