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UralKali is the world's largest producer of potash fertilizer. This company produces up to 20% total potassium on our planet. Is a vertically integrated holding company, performs a full range of services — from the extraction of raw materials to the sale of finished products to consumers.

UralKali is considered one of the most successful and well-known enterprises of the chemical industry, Since Soviet times. He is currently a public joint stock company, securities which are quoted in Russia, and in Europe.








      • Russia's largest private oil company
      • The company has been demonstrating consistently strong performance in its industry
      • Lukoil's shares are traded on stock exchanges not only in Russia, but at home and abroad
      • Some of the most liquid securities on the Russian market


      • Profitability depends on international oil prices
      • The company came under the sectoral sanctions Western countries, in spite of the fact, that it does not share the State

      Stock quotes Bric

      History Of Bric

      Its history goes back to Uralkali 1934 year, When construction began on the. The main product was the issuance of the mineral carnallite. The first mines of the Organization were opened before the war, However, the full power of the company entered into 1944 year.

      In the future, the company gradually expanded, creating all new mining administration. In 1993 year she passed the privatization process.

      Shares of the Company was able to release to the international market at the second attempt. First posting in 2006 year has not yielded the desired results. Suitable for former owners price company could get in 2007 year.

      Now 85% Bric shares, in circulation, bought and sold in the form of depositary receipts in London. The rest of the 15% – at the Moscow stock exchange.

      UralKali today

      Currently, Uralkali develops field holds the potassium-magnesium salts. It is believed, that with today's rate of extraction of this raw material source is enough for approximately 200 years.Bric Shares, certificate of enterprise, quotes, financial indicators, trading schedule.

      Most of the products of the holding, about 80%, goes for export, mainly in the countries of South-East Asia, including in China, and only 20% sold within Russia.

      Reviews of Uralkali

      Uralkali's Shares, like any export company, become interesting to invest money in a period of devaluation. The point is that, that production costs should decline relative to the selling prices abroad.

      In reality, however,, If you believe the reviews traders of Uralkali, crisis and the holding. As a result the company don't go less hard, than other Russian holdings.

      The main

      Market capitalization:
      The value of the company:
      P/e Ratio:
      PEG Ratio:
      Price/Sales Ratio:
      Price/book value ratio:
      Ratio Price/Income:
      Ratio Price/EBITDA:

      Финансовые показатели

      Financial year
      Reporting date:
      Last report:
      Monetary assets:
      Monetary assets per share:
      Total debt:
      Debt per share:
      Coeff. current liquidity:
      Net book value per share:
      Account of profits (loss)
      Sales per share:
      Change in sales per quarter, year-to-year:
      Gross profit (loss):
      EBITDA Ratio:
      Net total income of shareholders:
      Earnings per share (EPS):
      The quarterly changes in yield (year-to-year):
      Cash flow
      Operating cash flow:
      Free cash flow:
      Profit margin:
      Operating margin:
      Management effectiveness
      Return on assets:
      Return on shareholders ' equity

      Trade information

      История котировок
      Beta Coefficient:
      Change for the 52 of the week:
      Maximum per year:
      Minimum per year:
      The average for 50 days:
      The average for 200 days:
      Average trading volume:
      Shares issued:
      Shares in circulation:
      Shares from affiliates:
      Shares from institutional investors
      Open short positions:
      Coefficient of short positions
      % short sales from:
      Shares in short selling:
      Dividend and split (crushing) shares
      Expected dividends for the year:
      Expected dividend yield:
      The current dividend yield:
      The average dividend yield for 5 years:
      Dividend payout ratio:
      Date of dividend payment:
      Register closing date:
      The latter conducted stock split:
      Date of split:

      Financial indicators Bric

      The results of the company for the last three years, taken from the accounting data.

      Balance sheet UNDER IFRS (th. rub.)
      Name of indicator 12MO. 2014 12MO. 2013 12MO. 2012
      (I). Non-current assets
      Intangible assets 35377014 35200036 35199777
      The results of research and development 80487 43901 24830
      Fixed assets 80261345 76590832 70939632
      Profitable investments in tangible assets 306152 326126 383537
      Financial investments 43165474 53541244 14355857
      Deferred tax assets 0 0 0
      Other non-current assets 7928109 6012798 108626
      Total for section I 167118581 171714937 121012259
      (II). Current assets
      Stocks 5238944 4839637 5474753
      Value-added tax on acquired values 2412112 2573588 1348122
      Accounts receivable 100291146 28300623 28699990
      Financial investments 0 29893826 158
      Cash 127694236 21889859 40776090
      Other current assets 6073 431130 423392
      Total for section II 235642511 87928663 76722505
      BALANCE 402761092 259643600 197734764
      (III). Capital and reserves
      Paid-in capital (total capital, paid-in capital, the contributions of fellow) 1468008 1468008 1468008
      Own shares repurchased from shareholders 0 0 0
      Revaluation of non-current assets 4379351 4442745 2952074
      Capital surplus (without revaluation) 0 0 0
      Reserve capital 220201 220201 220201
      Retained profit (uncovered loss) 66187751 67336924 53678145
      Total for section III 72255311 73467878 58318428
      (IV). Long-term liabilities
      Borrowed funds 308852576 131015240 119418412
      Deferred tax liabilities 5569547 7221895 6692670
      Provisions for contingent liabilities 0 0 0
      Other liabilities 0 0 0
      Total for section IV 314422123 138237135 126111082
      (V). Short-term liabilities
      Borrowed funds 7778048 32110990 4767290
      Trade and other Payables 5923523 13998897 7339951
      Deferred income 4452 4889 11076
      Reserves for future expenses 2377635 1823811 1186937
      Other liabilities 0 0 0
      Total for section V 16083658 47938587 13305254
      BALANCE 402761092 259643600 197734764
      Report on financial results UNDER IFRS (th. rub.)
      Name of indicator 12MO. 2014 12MO. 2013 12MO. 2012
      Revenue 119310672 96308916 110116256
      Cost of goods sold -29123151 -26040006 -24316343
      Gross profit (loss) 90187521 70268910 85799913
      Commercial expenses -24120117 -18998389 -16261702
      Management costs -7135856 -7906453 -6533800
      Profit (loss) from sales 58931548 43364068 63004411
      Income from participation in other organizations 12392113 1629361 1011115
      Interest receivable 3980076 4808237 2849700
      Interest payable -10107687 -8961150 -6934797
      Other operating income 2269501 3221716 6544510
      Other expenses -66321295 -6446555 -8101583
      Profit (loss) before tax 1144256 37615677 58373356
      Current income tax 0 -5595929 0
      – in t. h. constant tax liability (assets) 14362007 -451292 -246063
      Change in deferred tax liabilities -260631 -138588 -261672
      Change in deferred tax assets 1519393 -386811 -9274100
      Miscellaneous 1061634 -170305 242280
      Net profit (loss) 3464652 31324044 49079864
      Result of revaluation of fixed assets, not included in net income (loss) 0 0 0
      Result from other operations, not included in net income (loss) period 0 0 0
      The total financial result of the period 3464652 31324044 49079864
      Basic income (loss) per share 1 11 0
      Diluted earnings (loss) per share 0 0 0

      Where to buy Company shares

      Ordinary shares “BRIC” listed on the Moscow stock exchange. They can buy or sell anyone, using one of the following brokers.

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