The strengthening of the euro and elections in France

Укрепление евро и выборы во Франции

Today it is difficult to find in the Russian media of any adequate comment on currency market. About Tom, What happens to the dollar, or about the strengthening of the euro. Can be, homegrown Analytics, not accustomed to a free housekeeper, do not understand the reaction of the financial community to what is happening. And someone, Vice versa, deliberately doesn't want to write on an unwanted and unflattering to the subject.

Nevertheless,, in the currency market does nothing strange. Евро increased relative to the dollar and other currencies. Because for the next two weeks the continent breathed a sigh of relief as a result of the first round in France.

France on the razor's edge

It would be hard to imagine a more serious situation. On the presidential elections in the leading position broke his father's successor as neo-Nazi marine Le Pen. Among her cheap populist slogans were such, as a possible way out of the European Union and the eurozone, return to the old French franc.

The reaction of the financial community followed immediately. The point is that, that a substantial part of the debt of the Republic could coerce each other into submission is translated in the new old currency. And it means, payments to investors would be extremely questionable.

Immediately followed by statements by the leading rating agencies, who stated the fact: If France would not pay in currency, specified in bonds, It will default.

Thus, Europe was on the verge of bankruptcy, the largest in its history. Undermine the foundations of the economy of the region.

But the French freedom and democracy have its more than century-long history. Such tricks are not in the normal community. And the voting results were quite encouraging.

Election and currency

According to the final results of the first round of presidential elections in France, Emmanuel Macron got 23,75 per cent of the votes, but marine Le Pen only 21,53 per cent. The remaining votes were divided among other candidates, that all said, advised its voters to vote for the Other in the second round.

The strengthening of the euroThus, Today the fate of further race seems foregone conclusion. If, Of course, not happen something extraordinary. That, in view of the ostentatious friendship with marine Le Pen Vladimir Putin, have a habit of coming to power after the attacks, also possible.

And here are the financiers-generally will not disappoint. The first vote resulted in, that European currency rose against the dollar at the opening of trading on Monday more, than one percent.

For now, however, the growth potential of the euro, most likely, exhausted. Serious movements is hardly worth the wait, because now present although not so much, as before, but still uncertainty: waiting for the second round.

Separately worth noting, that the candidacy of Emmanuel Other was perceived by all civilized community so positively, not only because, that neo-fascism in France failed. After all, known, that Macron-liberal, a supporter of reducing State intervention in the economy. And what's more, He has many years of experience in investment banking, and it means, has the correct view, What to do for the good of their country.

Russia and the strengthening of the euro

Meanwhile,, Russian analysts semi-literate and numerous advisers and advisers Putin always waited for the collapse of the American economy. Today they have a chance to see what, what they want, in a smaller scale. Without financial disaster. Yet it is precisely in that direction, in which they forecast.

United States dollar in the global currency market became cheaper. And the euro on the contrary, rose. Now, oil and gas, We sell contracts, nominated in the American currency, cheapened. Quotes on the stock exchanges-in dollars.

And those products, that Russia buys, including industrial equipment, Vice versa, rose. Because prices are, as opposed to raw materials, more often than not are in euro. And among other things, It's not just any unnecessary people food, but pipes, transfer Russian raw materials. Well, like a cheap dollar and euro? Enjoy yourselves.

And yet what should focus. We have before us a vivid example, like free elections and a potential rise to power in the country is adequate, worthy of a presidential candidate is able one day to tighten the national currency and strengthen economy.


  1. The collapse of the American economy began to predict five years already. Until everything is o.k..
    Elections in France, Germany always affect the euro. Now like all predictably.
    Let's see how to behave Euros after the elections. I do not think, that we will see big jump.
    I For Other.


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