Oil transit via Belarus to go up 1.5 times

Транзит нефти через Белоруссию подорожает в полтора раза

Oil transit via Belarus would cost Russia 1.5 times more expensive. The decision to raise tariffs on transportation of raw materials through a system of pipes took the Ministry of antimonopoly regulation.

Oil transit: tariff history

In previous times the service pipe line risen early this year, in February. Then rates increased by 10%.

To date, the cost of pumping oil through the route Uneč (High) – Adamova Zastava is 267,32 Russian rubles per ton. It is planned to increase up to 400,98 rubles per ton and from Unecha (High) the town of Brody – with 114,82 before 172,23 Br.

Transportation of oil through the territory of the country engaged in two Belarusian State-owned companies – "Poloczktransneft friendship" and "gomeltransoil Druzhba". The second pipeline system partially passes and in Ukraine.

Recipients of two streams in southern Belarus are Poland and Germany in the North and further Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary in the South. Obviously, that none of these countries will not pay Russia more, than the prevailing rates on world markets. Thus, rising shipping costs will fall entirely on Russian producers.

Price of gas and oil transit

Known, Belarus not only transports Russian oil, but also buys gas from our country. In the past six months, negotiations on its value virtually stalled. The final price was not agreed upon. In the face of fallen quotations Belarus has no plans to pay for Russian raw materials to the former value.

To date, sales of oil and gas fell by about Belarus 40%. In such a situation, the tariffs for transportation are used, most likely, for the integrated pressure on the Russian side.

At the same time, it is clear, the Kremlin uses its resources prices to exert political pressure on the next country. So, for example, gas prices for Belarus and Ukraine differ significantly.

However,, you have to understand, that by and large share of Moscow and Minsk have nothing to: and there, and there are totalitarian regimes. And the leaders of the two countries is tightly covered with oil and gas pipelines. I guess, This is the "Druzhba" – in the Soviet understanding.

On the other hand, Lukashenka would not empty, What if he really wants to receive for transit of one and a half times more, then do this it was necessary to gradually. For example, How to raise tariffs on utility bills – every month under different pretexts more and more.


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