The cost of servicing the World maps lay on pensioners?

How will the new pensions payments

Стоимость обслуживания карты Мир возложат на пенсионеров?

Revealed the true purpose, What introduces a new payment system. The cost of servicing the cards "Mir" Savings Bank is today 750 rubles per year. Most likely, This amount will have to pay pensioners out of Pocket. And money, that have been added to payments under the long-promised indexation, will migrate not to those, who does not work for age, and into the pockets of bankers.

Bill The Bank Of Russia

Today, such plans are not empty words. The Bank of Russia has produced in its bowels of the draft law, According to which pensioners would have to be paid exclusively on map "Mir". For reference: maintenance of this system is a subsidiary of the CENTRAL BANK of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION by "NBMS».

With this free social cards, now pensions, Finally leave the past to 2020 year. And if the social cards are issued free of charge, "World», Obviously, have to put their money.

The cost of servicing the World maps

The cost of servicing the World's savings card at the official website of the credit organization today is estimated at 750 rubles per year. It is unlikely that this amount will decrease in the next two years, remaining before the final transition to the new system.

Stats said, more in Russia 40 millions of pensioners. If you multiply the cost of servicing the World maps on the number of potential recipients, then goes, in the end, the financial sector of the country plans to rob the least protected sectors of the population for a total amount of 30 billion rubles and more.

A failed project national system

Recall, the idea to release its own national bank card appeared just as, When under the sanctions of the West hit the people of Vladimir Putin's inner circle. Then the opportunity to work with international payment systems lost several Russian banks, which names can be seen in list.

However, the Russians, in spite of appeals delayed the President, and even his statement about the transfer of their salary in the "Bank of Russia», patriotism is not vospylali. Its ruble turned out to be closer to the body, than geopolitical ambitions reckless authorities, proposed to replace democracy, the fight against corruption and economic reform. As a result, financial firms due to sanctions and ensuing mass followed by withdrawal to breathe incense.

But money, and with considerable, the national payment system have already invested. And the authorities nothing remains, to resort to the only possible way to recoup them, bypassing the free competition: use the administrative resource to propagate its questionable banking product forcibly.

It is not surprising, that the cost of servicing the bank card "Mir" will be assigned to the pensioners. Most likely, The Kremlin hopes once again to financial illiteracy. If the money is transferred directly to the appropriate banks, This could raise questions. And so-pensioners will add 3 cents to pensions, then they take the Bank. And all will be happy.


  1. Of course, anything can happen. But while the law is not signed, early talk, that retirees have to pay. Perhaps, they'll cancel the annual card maintenance. Let's hope for the best.

  2. In practice, that until the mass outrage, hope for abolition of the annual card service pensioners not worth. Today's example in the sphere of CSWS charging ONE on electricity regulations.


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