Free trade agreement between the EU and Canada

Соглашение о свободной торговле между ЕС и Канадой

Free trade agreement between the European Union and Canada signed. Now, within the framework of his prior actions 99% supplies of goods and services between the regions are exempt from customs duties. In addition, at the end of the negotiations, the parties issued a joint statement about the war in Syria and human rights violations in that country.

How was the North American free trade agreement

The free trade agreement was not easy. A week ago, his signature remained uncertain due to disagreement of the French-speaking part of Belgium. With great difficulty the parties were able to come to a common denominator.

Moreover, flood and technical difficulties. The plane of the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau was forced to return due to a technical fault. Thus, You can say, that the free trade agreement between Europe and Canada was second with heraklio and despite any obstacles.

That gives free trade agreement

Immediately after the signing of the, that is still pending ratification by the parliaments of 28 the EU and Canada, removed customs barriers. Now the vast majority of the supply of goods and services will be spared from having to pay customs duties.

European Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker said:

"Today – an important day for Europe. The signing of the EU reaffirms its commitment to the ideals of SETH'S free trade ".

The world market is becoming every day more and more free and integrated.

Free trade agreement: What's next

In reality, agreement with Canada is not only an important step in developing mutually beneficial cooperation between the two parties. It is also a training, a kind of rehearsal for the signing of an even more ambitious negotiations with the United States. To do this, Europe is still a standoff with local farmers, will integrate and fearful competition with America.

Moreover, in fact the European Union is preparing a similar agreement with 21 country.

After meeting

In addition to discussing economic issues, Canada and United Europe made a joint statement demanding the cessation of hostilities in Syria and widespread violations of human rights in that country.

In the text of the statement in plain text:

“These violations include the use of illegal, indiscriminate and disproportionate attacks, including, in particular, the use of chemical weapons, as well as attacks, deliberately aimed at hospitals and other medical institutions. Attack against UN humanitarian convoy 19 September constituted a flagrant violation of international humanitarian law and should be the subject of an in-depth investigation”.

Thus, in parallel with the economic convergence of the two continents, most likely, the growing isolation of Russia will take place in the international arena. With a high degree of confidence we can assume, that strengthening sanctions against Putin and his entourage discussed among participants in negotiations.

Free trade agreement between Europe and Canada, and in the near future, and with the United States, reinforce the EU position and enable the region to respond adequately is a violation of human rights in Syria — primarily, Bashar Al-Assad and his not-quite-adequate allies.



  1. Евросоюз уже не знает как прогнуться перед СШАНо только для чего? Что хорошего они получили от США? Я считаю что Китай, Корея будут лет через 10 править миром и дружбу надо налаживать именно с ними


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