The demolition of blocks in Moscow: Sobyanin spill the beans

While Muscovites Rob. the rest of the country waits his turn

Снос хрущевок в Москве: Собянин проболтался

Residents of the capital waiting for cheating-Government scale called demolition blocks. Instead of their apartments, they will receive new or worse, than the, that there are, either would be in debt, as in silks. Moscow authorities have come up with such a skeleton implementation of another megaproject, blow the money on that so loves the Kremlin, What a bargain it is-absolutely none.

In addition to the, of course, its handheld developers, which include officials of the Metropolitan City Hall, and did was say aloud what, because the other way to get a plot of land for construction of buildings, to issue permits in our country cannot be.

Demolition blocks: What is the cheat of Moscow authorities

The question is:, that new housing standards differ significantly from those, which were adopted before. Therefore,, one way or another, It turns out the difference between the old apartments and rooms.

Suppose, family of three has a standard "two-room" with a total area of about 45 kV. m. Suppose, This husband, wife and child. Of course, This situation does not fit in with the long-accepted norm throughout the civilized world, When parents and children have separate bedrooms plus one common room-living room. But we suppose.

So, starts demolition blocks, and they offer is more than comfortable accommodation, Ideally,, in the same area. What is the area of new residential premises? Of course, all the same 45 kV. m. This is from the city of.

But such residential apartments with at least two rooms-simply does not happen. Most likely, at their disposal will prove to be "odnushka", and the fifty meters. Then they must wait for the "extra" Supplement of approximately five meters.

What they will get in the end? One-room apartment, in which parents and children will live through a partition-you can, for example, closet in the middle of the room put. Or evict someone, parent or child, in the kitchen, and better-on balcony?

If the family of three people rightly wish to still have at least two rooms, the minimum area of this apartment will be about 70 kV. m. That is, pay about half the cost of housing is also more, which they are, and so. The very, what they are and so belongs to!

As Sobyanin spill the beans

In fact, meeting with members of the Mogordumy, Mayor Frank spill the beans, risking preset inhabitants against the proposed programme. At least, those, who reads the news.

Verbatim Sobyanin said the following:

"We need to develop special events, to facilitate the increase of housing: can be, hire purchase program, preferential mortgage».

And on the other hand, that embarrassed the Moscow authorities, When she was clearly not the first time manipulate the results of various public hearings, opinion polls and other things? Because no matter how residents of the capital against, still proves to be, that the city with both hands "for".

Mortgages-the triple hoax

Only a madman can nowadays to take a mortgage loan in Russia. Because interest even on the so-called preferential mortgage-is it a hoax and fiction. If miracle happen, and to internally displaced persons will be offered 10-12% p.a., then this figure is proving to be more in 2, in 3, and even in 4 above the fold, than in the developed countries, and at least twice compared with the countries, which, as Russia, belong to the category of developing.

For those 20-30 years, that Muscovites will pay for its number of original rooms, well you can buy 2-3 the same entire apartments. And if you choose not to in Russia, and somewhere, for example,, in Eastern Europe, then all 5-6 apartments, much higher quality.

But it can be, City Hall will save the townspeople, suggesting a certain installments? In practice,, Russian developers really offer this service to buyers of real estate. But every time it just becomes deception, because imaginary profits handsomely overlaps: or inflated price square meters, or even higher interest rate., or extremely short term lending, up to a year or less.

Demolition pjatietazhek: who will win

If Muscovites lose, who will stay in the black? In finance, as the law of conservation of energy in physics, the Act of preserving money. Who earns something?

Firstly, developers themselves. The crisis led to a catastrophic falling demand for housing in poor homes, located, Besides, the "settlements" – in remote areas of the city and region. Demolition pjatietazhek gives them a chance to sell stale goods and even extend your business-not at the expense of buyers, so at least at the expense of the city, that, in turn,, oberet taxes all in a row, even those, who has no plans to move anywhere.

Secondly, together with developers – officials of the city. Because the need for new construction permits, tickets to market relocation and so on. Until the Commission on passage of delivery commissioning. Only the naive can believe, There was a chance to do it without kickbacks. The practice shows the opposite, Although developers, that the percentage, of course, most often the silent.

Thirdly, banks. If today only absolutely illiterate in financial terms a person can apply for a mortgage loan for the improvement of their living conditions, the demolition of the pjatietazhek can make a difference. Because citizens simply do not have little choice. At least for the, to keep the number of rooms in their apartments.

Needless to say, that for all, as always, Muscovites pay. But here at the moment, When the rest of the country, Perhaps, rubs hands and thinks, that so IM and it must be, they were always at our expense, vydaivaja the country and bringing in his own city the main financial flows, We have to disappoint the enemies. While Moscow loot, all other regions-just stand in line. Because already today power solves, and does not spread this wonderful fundraising idea-and everyone else.


  1. What's behind the hysteria again)
    “such residential apartments with two rooms do not exist”
    who told you, that does not happen? you've already seen the proposed planning new buildings? that bothers to make them so, to conform and metre., and number of rooms?

    Who told you, that will forcibly relocate to larger apartment?! While we are talking about equal housing.
    If someone want to increase housing resettlement, paying the, variants with reduced mortgage or installment – most it.

    Comparison of the cost of a mortgage with Europe absurd, It must understand each economically qualified people – There its currency, monetary policy and inflation, the ruble had its. Do you want to “low” interest on mortgage – take a loan in euros or us dollars)))

  2. I think, что ничего такого масштабного не получится. На выделенные правительством Москвы деньги сейчас что-нибудь построят, хорошего качества, чтобы снять сомнения у переселенцев, а потом либо рубль упадет, либо просто продажи нового жилья встанут из-за перенасыщенности предложением, и инвесторы откажутся заходить в программу. Все это растянется на многие десятилетия и решать, что с этим делать, придется нашим детям. So, кроме первой очереди, можно не торопиться переезжать.

  3. Вроде как, планируют строить жилье специально для этой программы, где жилые комнаты будут соответствовать старым хрущевкам. I do not know, что из этого получится. Я не верю, что что-то хорошее. Возможно в начали пути и будет все выполняться, согласно тому, что сказал Собянин.
    Больше терзает вопрос, куда всех будут переселять. В рамках одного района жилья всем не хватит. Чувствую, выселят всех в Новую Москву, там куча пустого жилья!

  4. Чего и следовало ожидать.
    Вы думали, манна небесная с неба свалится, и всем бесплатных метров нарежут??
    Guys, Союз почти 30 назад развалился, а у меня такое впечатление складывается, будто вы в нем до сих пор живете.


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