How much is customs clearance per kilogram?

Or why the issue of customs not only in Bel′âninove.

Сколько стоит растаможка за килограмм? Или почему проблема таможни не только в Бельянинове.

Importers have this question: "how much does it cost customs clearance per kilogram?"his often asked for conducting customs brokers customs clearance procedures. For the unknowing person this question does not cause any reactions. For knowledgeable-everything is clear: one market participant wants to know, does another contraband smuggling?

And now read more. In order for the, to introduce the product in the country, that is, the import, you want to pay for transportation, customs duty, excise tax, VAT and customs brokerage services. In addition, you must provide product certificates, issued by Russian certification centers (as a rule 3-4 document). On a range of products you need to get even and permission of the Ministry of. All the help and permission paid, have expiration dates and apply not only to the specified items to be imported, and on the specific varieties and product model and even intangible position, for example, on software.

What such a detailed story? And to ensure, that this procedure can be avoided, giving a bribe to whom it is necessary to. That is enough to pay for the proverbial kilograms of imported goods a certain amount of money-and provozi what you want without paying taxes, fees and obtaining permits. And this corrupt scheme appeared not today, It operated for many years and is the unwritten rule of the market.

Which it occurs? For the money, Of course. Let's look at a concrete example. Let's say you have a telecommunications device, for simplicity, let's take the smartphone. Outside the economic border of Russia, at the warehouse of the manufacturer he is suppose $100. Buy a batch of any novelties in quantity 1000 pieces, We in Russia and believe:

– delivery and storage (Logistics) – $3
– fee- $10
– Excise-no
– Customs brokerage services- $1000 for a party or $1 for device
– VAT- 18%. The VAT Base is everything listed above: 100+3+10+1= $ 114. Multiply by the 0,18 -get $20,5.

Total your entry price: 100+3+10+1+20,5 = $134,5

Plus you have to pay for the certificates and permissions. In addition, you need to spend time on them getting, and time is money to pay its staff for carrying out these works and to pay for a bank loan, at the time of, until the goods come to Russia. This at least two months. Obtaining permits is a special and very important line, We'll cover it separately, and now as an average take rate of all documents, legalize products equal $2000 at a party, or $2 on the device.

Get the cost price of the goods, that is your input price equal $136,5. Rounded up to $137 and add your profit importer, as distributor 10% -get $151. Suppose, that you have a single channel delivery and no dealers, that is, with this price you directly go to retailers, that is, go to the store and offer smartphone. Go to his Office and declare-"Hello, buy please party new model of Smartphone-give up just $151 per unit». Store Manager brings up for you eyes and said: -"Are you that, fool? I got this smartphone offered for three months ago $120, and my competitor it on the counter lay on $144. In retail!»

Back to the question at the beginning of this article, "how much does it cost customs clearance per kilogram?». This question is grey and black importers and customs brokers and the essence of it in the next. The smugglers don't pay anything, In addition to bribes. Here's the deal: they buy product from the same manufacturer and the same price $100, pay for transportation and storage $3, pay a bribe, Suppose $3 per kilogram (and per kilogram can be 5 Smartphones) and receive the input price $103,5. Rounded up to $104. Feel the difference-you have, the importer ofa $137, and the smuggler $104. He nakinet 15% and will be released to the retail store with a price $120, that will set the markups in 20% and put the goods on the $144. That is, you, as an importer-wholesaler is cheaper to buy goods in retail, than legally deliver him from abroad.

Describes black scheme, which does not provide for obtaining major customs clearance documents. Grey scheme gives some left GTE (cargo customs declaration) and accordingly, a little expensive. Grey scheme uses understated the value of the goods or transfer it to another, not taxable duty product range, This scheme does not require permits. But in any case, even the gray scheme significantly cheaper so-called white, then there are the legal customs.

Touch on certification and licensing documents, to which I have referred, they are essential. Everything, that "doubtfully outlet", electrical or telecommunication, everything, What is radio module, everything, that has encryption (and it is on any processor), everything, that has the software (also in virtually any device), Moreover, everything, What is the normal cable-all subject to certification. Only Russian. Certificates of international laboratories not recognized, Therefore, all these documents, up to five pieces to a number of accounts for receiving newly-submitted to certification authorities written requests, pay, wait, get documents (or rejection-sometimes the refusal also need for customs) and carry a customs broker. Some documents for small Carter at all nepod″ëmny, for example cost of certification the same smartphones may reach 100 thousands of dollars for product line. This is a particular problem, that bewilders even large producers-they can't afford to pay that kind of money and for this reason a number of novelties remains behind the Russian market-we have to buy either the Junk, or products only monsters, capable as opposed to small and medium-sized manufacturers, pay for certification.

Moreover, equipment certification body to provide physically. And if it's not smartphone, and expensive switch, not one, and dozens of expensive models, the task becomes irresolvable. But that's not all. You want to certify not only hardware and software, but the production itself. And for this purpose to the factory for inspection of Russia needs to send a specialist certification body, implement it translator (foreign language him know not to put), place in the hotel, carry on workshops, feed and water. And all this of course at our expense through the end-buyer, on which "spread" cost no one desired certification-all serious producers have international certificates and merchandise, and on the, and on the production of. Ministry of industry and trade mentioned above is not sugar-in its responsibilities under idea must be protecting domestic producers from import competition, but in fact this organization evolved into the indirect tax collector to import.

And for a snack. Clear the goods yourself, you cannot, in spite of the fact, Every importer is a Division with the managers of customs registration of cargoes. The State imposed on the intermediary in the form of the Customs Broker. It is a kind of buffer, which separates government official from slippery procedures for obtaining bribes directly from hand to hand. Too risky. But through the layer of safer-you get kind of mailbox-lowered the envelope-came in two days for the result.

Come to the main. Blame whether disgraced Belyaninov, the head of the Federal Customs Service in the black, White and gray scheme customs? Yes-guilty. Whether he is guilty of one? Of course not-smuggling involving all State structures. All, from legislators, before the tax authorities, regulatory and fiscal bodies, investigators, prosecutors, judges, the Cabinet of Ministers, the Premier and President.

Moreover, In addition to corrupt customs component, There are also political. Very dangerous and that is why. The vast majority of entrepreneurs eager to conduct business honestly, they do not need bribes, care of taxes and charges, they don't want crime, they want to sleep calmly and confidently face the future. But they do not give. The State says: You podstavlâeš′sâ and break the law, either razorâeš′sâ is your wholesale will be higher than retail. As a result of import is located under the hood of the State, which in case of need, select business or give any entrepreneur, zavozâŝego product in Russia. Fear and subordination are strings, for that naughty power pulling businessmen. And this situation needs to be changed. The question "how much does it cost customs clearance per kilogram?"-must go from the jargon of importer.


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