Серебро, инвестиции в серебро

Silver – chemical element, to indicate which uses the symbol Ag. The reduction comes from the Latin word "argentum". Color: silver-white. In addition, This precious metal is a commodity on the stock exchange, where is indicated by the word "silver".

The major silver mining underway directly from ore. However, sometimes unique finds natural metal. The biggest nugget was discovered in 1477 year. It was found in 40 km from the city of Freiberg. For fixed size data of such giant were 1h1h2 meter, and weighed "pebble" twenty-two tons.

Silver: history of precious metals

Silver, as gold, familiar people from the most ancient times. This is due to the fact, what they used to be much more precious metals were in samorodnom form and did not require smelting of ores, What was their significance among the cultures of different countries.

Silver, использование серебра
Silver tableware.
The Collection Of The Hermitage.

Presumably, first place silver mines were in Sardinia, and Syria. From there another five thousand years ago imported nuggets in Ancient Egypt. In Assyrian and Babylonian beliefs of this metal was classified in the category of sacred and symbolized the Moon. From VI to the 1st century BC, silver was mined in the mines of Lavrijskih in Greece, then in Spain and Carthage.

In the middle ages, the metal was very popular among alchemists. It also made decorations, utensils and coins. The largest deposits were at that time in Germany and Norway. Silver mining from the 12th to the 14th century was over fifty tons annually. But gradually the European mines became exhausted. Their replacement by deposits in the open South America Cordilleras.

In our country the first silver alloy was produced in 1687 year. Were gradually discovered silver mines in Transbaikal, in the Altai Mountains and the far East, where silver mining continues to this day.

Silver: modern production and application

Today known stockpiles of silver in the world are five hundred seventy thousand tons. Every year it is produced about twenty tons. Leaders in this area are: Peru, Mexico, China, Chile, Australia, Poland, United States, Canada.

Application in the modern world the metal found in many spheres. For example, in electronics. Thanks to its unique electrical conductivity, It is used in the manufacture of various contacts.

Silver is used in the traditional process of photographing, Although now almost not used in connection with the development of digital cameras; in optical high level production; in the manufacture of waveguide microwave ovens as the best electromagnetic conductor; in the chemical industry as a catalyst; in medical technology and pharmaceutics, So how has the property of destroying bacteria and viruses. And, of course, It is used in the manufacture of jewelry. About here 20% produced by metal. Also, silver is used in creating high-class posudy, coins and medals (4 %). Global demand for the metal is about eighteen thousand tons annually.

Investing in silver

Extraordinary properties of this metal in the light of sufficient rarity led to, что серебро стало предметом сбережений и выгодных вложений.

As a commodity, It is traded on the stock exchanges of metals. Popular possess and futures contracts on this metal. Price is indicated in Troy ounces.

In our country to make investments in precious metals, in particular, Silver, It is possible to, using the services of various banking organizations, licensed to conduct these operations.

Order, who are interested in investing in silver, We recommend you to visit the section with quotations on precious metals.


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