Sberbank is debited from the customer money-1900 year

The revival of Soviet traditions: two write, three in the mind

Сбербанк списал у клиента деньги 1900-ым годом

No more doubt, Why Sberbank not going to pay for the money, that he robbed the population in the early 1990s. Just that the credit institution has its own system of chronology. And makes wiring — 1900 year.

However, who would doubt, that the largest financial organization in the country — the same backward, like all of Russia, in particular its state segment. Sberbank lives last century. It is clear to everyone.

Sberbank wrote 42 million

This story happened in Orel. With local client Sberbank wrote 42 million rubles on the submission Manager. By the decision of the Arbitration Court the man was declared bankrupt. Therefore, by itself, the arrest of his property not in doubt.

However, Sberbank have not found anything better in its most perfect computer system, but to make wiring with a strange date- 1900 year. Such actions were identified as representatives of a credit organization is a technical arrest.

According to their explanations, the Bank was not another opportunity to ensure that the ban on transactions. So they were forced to pick a date early. Simply and tastefully.

From the last century to the present

Why citizen is invited to pay the King's debts – Today this question deals with the consequence of. The mere fact that, that the SMS message a person received notification 41,8 million debt on the salary card, caused issues. Even the victim.

However, actually, can be, Sberbank is not so far from the truth? Just today, as then, the issue with controversial Islands with Japan. Can be, Battle of Tsushima is yet to come? Yes and the revolution in Russia — also happen.

And can be, Vice versa, Sberbank is not stuck in a pre-revolutionary, and the present Soviet past? It is in the socialist economy was taken: two writing three in mind. And Furthermore, in the last years of crisis, Despite the huge funds coming into this financial institution clients, frightened by the massive bankruptcy of banks, He does not stop "delight us with their achievements. The Savings Bank in Forex plays — by its own rules, then he holes in ATMs drilled, then something else.

But the most important thing, whatever happens, It all looks as Frank indifference, If not to say, abuse of customers. In low, almost Soviet competition. And there is a savings bank savings bank.


  1. Live in Kiev, but had to deal with Sberbank, t.. working with customers from Russia. So much hidden commissions and technical imperfections in no bank! The ATM won't accept money, It does not issue, and through the cashier have to pay Commission. And inadequate amount of fees.

  2. It is not surprising, Sberbank of Russia is one of the most ancient of moneylenders. The great and mighty savings bank, with the support of most likely gosaaaparata, provides loans to individuals under 23-27% (rate Centrabanka 10), abroad (in Jn. currency) the same Sberbank of Russia gives credits to foreign nationals under the 2-3%. In 90 -x Sberbank Russia altogether fleeced. Moneylenders and obdiraly.


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