Rosstat sucks the air out of the Russian economy growth

Росстат высасывает рост экономики России из воздуха

To raise the economic performance, This time Rosstatu had to, with literally, suck out the results from air and pick them out of the trash, revising the classification of industry. Supposedly, in accordance with European standards. As a result, the proposed population data more, the sooner, give those, that, After all, They resented the Soviet Union: massive multiple consciousness and ubiquitous annotations. While the growth of the Russian economy is most similar to the final, the terminal stage of developed socialism».

With the growth of the economy of Russia

The results now, among other things,, take into account the "air conditioning" and "recycled garbage", but in the end the Russian economy shows no longer crisis and depression, and almost no growth. Thus, all the structure of the State in its polls lie-get ready for the next election, Vladimir Putin.

Revised in its favour the Rosstat figures suddenly began talking about how, that industry is not decreased by 3% over the past two years, Although this is far from the truth, and vice versa, grew up on 0,8%.

In the most problematic 2015 year decline no 3,4%, and only, just something, 0,8%. And last, 2016 year has become "a turning point" and demonstrated a plus 1,2% for the first nine months.

Such unprecedented, almost Chinese indicators managed to reach exclusively by revising the concept of industry and some of its species classification.

The growth of the Russian economy: don't believe your eyes

It's not important, that almost every one of Russians personally sees around him fall speed, decline in sales, reducing wages and layoffs with closures. That official inflation will soon be zero, and rent rises a year on 10-20%. And prices in shops not strongly increased solely due to the fact, that meat and milk products everywhere with the soy and palm oil.

For power completely irrelevant even the fact, that is already a quarter of the country lives below the poverty line. And the only, What grows is sawn budgetary funds between the approximate and the salaries of officials.

From a statistical perspective as political science-all that is not the point. Rosstat have your vision. Obviously, This organization works order acting power, even if for the sake of this have deliberately distort the existing data, manipulating them.

And now before us flaunts Medvedev, using the rostrum of the Sochi Forum, where he is not talking about what, that money is no, and that unemployment in the country is missing. And the Russian economy things are not so bad, If not to say, What a wonderful.

As a result, in the eyes of someone he does not necessarily "luser", as it considers the whole world, Yes, and almost all of the thinking of the country, and hardly the hero, who saved us from the crisis and the machinations of external and internal enemies.

At the same time, the other economist Siluanov offers run hand under the pillow for the population, to seize hoarded there savings, which, supposedly, still have, in government securities.

In fact, picture, painted by the official sources of information, has nothing to do with reality. However, based on distorted Rosstat, put a true diagnosis of the situation in the country is growing harder and harder. I see, that the growth of the Russian economy in no way held. He and nowhere to tackle. But the extent to which all bad, define not so easy. In General, as in the Soviet Union-in the last years of his life.


  1. Better than any statistics the current situation reflects the … home refrigerator! And statistics, the bread is not namazhesh' and to deposit a put))

  2. Согласен с автором в большом городе ( я из Питера) вроде еще жизнь как то крутится. А родственники которые живут в Свердловской области. Выживают только за счет подсобного хозяйства. Возможности заработать нормальную копейку нет. А у правительства все прекрасно только “no money…”


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