Save Russia exposing corruption

Спасет ли Россию разоблачение коррупции

Exposing corruption-good, really good cause. The idea of combat it unites people, helps you find common interests of different generations. To varying degrees, brings together speakers of different political views.

Of course, There is no doubt, that Fund to fight corruption, The FCO is one of the most-the best projects of the Russian segment of the Internet in the last decade. Without any exaggeration. It has evolved into a full-fledged MEDIA, which bypasses its popular dying from the State propaganda sites, and even tv channels. The activities of this Organization deserves every praise and support.

At the same time, It is impossible not to draw attention to the following. Exposing corruption is, Of course, popular tool for short-term political purposes. But in a serious perspective to this issue stands now taken more seriously, than it seems at first glance. At least, for those, who wants to seriously look into policies.

The fight against corruption is an important theme, but not only and not even home. And planting the corrupt in places not so remote, even with the confiscation of property and direction of their assets for the benefit of society should not be an end in itself.

Let me explain this in more detail, and even with a historical example. Benefit, age allows-happened to live in frills go, with born-in the days of Leonid Brezhnev.

Mode, generating crimes

So, It happened in the early eighties. The era of the so-called socialism suited to its logical and long-awaited conclusion-a complete fiasco and bankruptcy. General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Finally, third attempt, ordered to live long. The main post of the country took the same former KGB officers, as our Putin, Yuri Vladimirovich Andropov. And even more hard and strong: at least, known, that tanks in Eastern Europe it sent without hesitation and reflection.

At this time the shortage in stores still was not final and total. Sold without problems all sorts of processed cheese and canned in tomato sauce. Bones instead of meat from time to time on the shelves too, as if saying, "thrown away".

The people rejoice was nothing, as leisure time was conducted, mainly, in the queues. And weekend-trips from regions to the capital "for the deficit», to which, By the way, concerned and the usual sausage.

In General, authorities had to do something. To make the people happy. And on this wave Andropov started a kind of "reform".

Question: and where does it go products, produced by the Socialist public economy? Of course, If power in decision-making was based on any real data on the number of products manufactured, It is quite possible, She would have balked about the changes from the other end of the. But statistics in the USSR was the same Rainbow, as indicators of Putin's support today VCIOMom and data on GDP, unemployment and inflation of Rosstat. In General, lied also mercilessly.

Therefore, the power suddenly decided to, that with the economy in the country is good, but here's food and everything else is stolen on the way. And it means, the main target for investigation and prosecution was the distribution, that is, trade.

Officially we know only about the top of the iceberg. About the harshest sentences. So, for example, were shot(!) a former front-line and Director of "Eliseevskogo" store Yuri Sokolov, party storming the Reichstag and victory parade 1945 , Director of horticultural base Mkhitar Hambardzumyan.

How many trade workers were behind bars is unquantifiable. Under existing laws, scoring total on buyer 50 pennies could end nearly a decade of imprisonment.

And abuse in stores, in any and every, where sold at least something. From food to furniture. From bookstores to delis. Everywhere.

But the main question: was there any point in this entire State brutality? Of course, not fair and not just preying on universal deficiency. But there was no sense of this abuse, When victory if and oderzhivalas', only temporarily? And only in that place, where were the overseers. And it is worth them out the door, how it all started again.

In reality, and with the problem of scarcity, and with trade from under the counter managed to cope in one fell swoop, immediately once and for all, as soon as the prices of steel products and goods market and free.

What gives no exposing corruption

Very much like the situation looks today, but only with corruption. On the one hand, the excesses, in illegal earnings, you can blame, If you dig, I guess, any representative of the authorities. From top to bottom and from the bottom up. From the local police and to the highest Kremlin star.

But why is this happening? Yes because the State digs into any, Sorry, hole. Trying to control absolutely all spheres of business and the lives of citizens. From issuing licenses and certifications to, It would seem, completely unnecessary. The State Duma has already seriously in bed going to our fellow citizens.

Moreover, the public sector of the economy today, hardly reaches the extent of centralization of the USSR, releasing about 70% The country's GDP.

Clear, that in such a situation the most bread places, the closest to the trough, It is becoming increasingly, that is connected with the distribution contracts, obtaining financial support, -post in the leadership of State corporations and so on.

Thus, all areas of our lives are gradually involved in corruption. In need to do kickbacks, redirect financial flows and other benefits in favour of officials.

Corruption turns into a kind of Dragon, which have, as soon as one's head, grows next, and not one. Instead of one official, even caught by the hand and dismissed, the following appears, which again begins to work for his true master. And so on to infinity.

Exposing corruption: who's to blame

And bears responsibility for what is happening in the first place-political system. The notorious "vertical of power", with grief in half built the Kremlin. With the country's leadership does not understand or does not want to consciously realize, because interest in the material: stop the abuse in one stroke of the pen, having completed the liberalization of the political and economic life of the society.

Nobody is going to give bribes to police, officials and even Government, If the allocation of orders to carry out solely on the basis of market selection, and for conducting business will not be required to assist in power.

The smaller the volume of the public sector in economy, the less opportunities for theft and abuse. Business will never Rob myself. And at the same time, for him, there should be no other money making opportunities, but to offer buyers the newest, high-quality and competitive products.

But whether that change the current leadership of the country? In fact, No, and it's now a thousand times proven in practice. Vladimir Putin, rozhdennyj v SSSR, In fact, not even taken to work in foreign exploration and labored to suppress dissent when Communists, not even imagine another device society. For him there is no political system, In addition to the, supposedly, all-powerful, and actually, completely failed State. "Leviathan", who controls every citizen.

There will soon be two decades, as the country is in the midst of inefficient "manual control", requiring the presence of first-person-each ticket office, outstanding workers overdue salaries, each gas station, to avoid inflating prices, in each store, not to sell soybean "delay", and so on ad infinitum.

By this logic we should put everyone on separate Putin. Even there should be no intermediaries between them-otherwise there would be corruption again. And to every Putin, By the way, protection is required, and miscellaneous. In General, really, the one with the bipod- 30 million officials and 8 million security officials with a spoon.

The head of State could change something? Yes, a thousand times. For 17 years in power by our incompetent leader was an unlimited number of possibilities. Even now it is not too late is to let go of the reins, and the horse itself smashed to the target cart lucky, without monitoring and controlling. But he has not done and will never go on this way. He is afraid of losing their own money and opportunities. And just – because such changes do not match the level of his originally yard intelligence.

Conclusions on corruption

Now just lazy won't tell, that corruption is an obstacle to the Russian economy. However, such a definition is self-explanatory. Corruption is indeed a brake, but not the same pedal, on which all thought. Corruption is an extended brake lever, which fixed the on site car or train. But we stand still, If-gradually and inevitably slide downhill.

Incorrect, completely flawed governance system, built with meager economic model is what stopped development in Russia. And total theft and corruption is only part of the overall picture. Although quite substantial.

Imagine you're a miracle. Suppose, exposing corruption will be crowned with complete success, tomorrow everything will change, and Putin turns out to be someone, who will dare give theft and mzdoimstvu decisive battle. Suppose even, that managed to not only start a mass repressions against the perpetrators, but manage to seize and confiscate their illegally acquired property.

What's next? If there are no conclusions and appropriate changes in the political and economic system, such measures would be similar to an outstanding proposal Sharikova: "Take it all, Yes, share!»

Whatever the big money involved in the shadow turnover of authorities and officials, their is enough for an extremely short period of time. And that will then? The country will face a choice: or continue to look for the perpetrators-both inside and outside the country, There, where they are, and where they never had. Or change. And the only possible way of development: on the West liberal. Providing freedom of business and people. Creating the right choice and competition.

How do you explain to people while upcoming changes? After all, the idea is to select and divide, of course, easier moves in society for the sake of popularity of politicians. In fact, all, What is required is to honestly admit:

We cannot feed the 140 million people. On it there is no money and opportunities. But we promise, Vice versa, you will not be, give you the opportunity to earn as much, how much you can and want to. No one asking for permission. And with 100% guarantee, the result of your labor-yours, Nobody will select.

And you know at least one policy, who is that people honestly propose?

Thus, You can make only right and, Unfortunately, not a comforting conclusion. Exposing corruption could well be used for unity of protest, even for the initial victory. But he was in no way political programme. It is necessary to know in advance, that this is not enough.

Corruption in General will not be able to cope without substantial reforms, whatever price for it nor finish would pay society. And in order, the economy earned-in general you want to resort to a much more radical change. Need to change the whole political system.


  1. King Solomon – and he was the wisest man on Earth – said, What is the root of all evil is the love of money. Yet in the minds of the people, in their minds don't change, they will not be in the country. The middle one must love and God, rather than money. The wealth of material with him to heaven nobody took away.

  2. Corruption now everywhere and at every step, at this the whole Russia built. This is the whole country upside down will have to turn to change this system, it seems to me.

  3. Let's be realistic, and understand the truth, Finally – Russia will not be without corruption, or the wording differently – without corruption, It will be no longer Russia !!! You look at the faces of our carefree happy rulers, and look in the mirror, presenting yourself in their place….veiled, but the train of thought is clear, I think)

  4. Corruption is the bane of any State, about the need to get rid of him gradually. You cannot now all top lift and plant , and in their place to put those, who has never been in power and is not suspected of corruption.


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