Rating builders and developers

Rating developersRating developers, then there are companies, who are the official party on equity contracts in construction, as well as developers of Moskoskogo regoina and Russia.

To compile a final rating of three basic criteria used: reliability the company or the holding company, the attractiveness of conditions to purchase and quality.

The table presents developers and builders, objects which may be of interest to those, who invests in real estate.

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All developers and builders, participating in the ranking


Rating developers: evaluation criteria

В основе оценки застройщиков и девелоперов – expert review, based on examination of the proposals of the companies, as well as testimonials from those, already purchased for yourself or invested money in real estate, raised by these organizations. The basic criteria of three: reliability of the developer, attractiveness and quality conditions.

Rating developers: reliability evaluation

Score reliability requires a separate commentary of analysts. Our independent rating developers implies, What if the company has been praised, the risk of investment in its facilities should be minimal. But in Russia the situation is bad practice, When developers create under those or other new buildings separate legal entities.

As a result, such as equity instruments are not with the parent company, and in fact, with enterprises, whose share capital is a minimum amount in 10 th. Br. From the perspective of law, Developer, creating such companies, disclaims liability. But that rating developers actually takes the minimum value.

And it objectively reflects the fact, that developer for its subsidiaries in extremis rests solely with reputational costs.

Rating developers, quality criterion

The quality of the work developers, Unlike banks and investment components, consists of two components. On the one hand, of course, for investors, use rating developers, It is important to the quality of the construction. With another, level of customer service, and at the final stage and sellers, When the investor sells new and changed it to a new owner, also has a value.

The Alumni Portal Analytics developers assumed, that assessment of various options for investing money should be harmonized and comparable among themselves. Therefore, the assigned scores to the fullest extent possible taking into account all of the developers.

Отзывы об застройщиках

We offer our visitors, investing money in real estate, leave your own ratings and reviews. They will also be taken into account in reaching our verdict.