Rating Forex brokers, top Forex brokers

Rating Forex brokers, then there are companies, providing services in operations with currencies on the international market Forex.

The following table shows how the Russian, and foreign Forex brokers, providing market access for Russians.

Rating Forex brokers, top Forex brokers

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List of all Forex brokers, participating in the ranking


Rating Forex brokers: independent evaluation criteria

In the basis of assessment of brokers – expert review, based on the study of terms of service, factors of reliability and other information our experts. Unfortunately, If your Forex broker – not Bank, and is not obliged to publish their accounts, then collect reliable information about his financial situation can be difficult to. In addition, the final decision takes into account the views of those, who has already signed a contract for service. The main criteria for inclusion in TOP Forex brokers three: reliability, the attractiveness of the conditions, quality of work with clients. Nevertheless,, We warn, Forex brokers rating may not serve as a guarantee against financial loss of customers in the future.

Reviews for Forex brokers

Visitors to the portal are also invited to express their independent opinion on brokers, leave your own ratings and reviews. They will also be taken into account in reaching our verdict. Forex brokers rating takes into account including customer testimonials.