Rating of banks in Russia

Rating of banks in Russia, Russian banks ratingRating of banks in Russia, services which may be of interest from the investor's point of view. This rating is based on an assessment of the Allivestments.ru experts three fundamental criteria: reliability organization, the attractiveness of the proposals, including rates on deposits, customer orientation and quality of service.

Rating of Russian banks calculated by specially developed methodology of investment analysts Portal Allinvestments.ru.

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List of all Russian banks, participating in the ranking

What is the rating of banks in Russia

Attention, Perhaps, many first see before my eyes – It is rated. Then, that offered by other portals, is mainly based on low financial literacy. Build banks in accordance with the Bank of Russia from the site downloaded indicators of value of assets, shareholders ' equity and other data – This is called but, not rated. Rating is the evaluation, as credit rating S&(P), Moody s ’ or Fitch.

The mere existence of large or small funds in the account is not proof, not even an indication for example reliability organization. World financial history, Yes, and also, knows many examples, When “the latter became the first”, and more often – Vice versa. Exposure rating, Unlike the ranking, complex professional challenge, which is solved by financiers and mathematicians.

Rating Allinvestments.ru – This integrated assessment, issued by banks. Three indicators are taken into account: reliability, advantage of the offered products and services, quality of service. This our rating of banks in Russia significantly different from products and rating agencies. It is not just the lenders, but for investors, who use it to get another tool for choosing the right partner to work on the money market and capital market.

The method of calculating the rating Allinvestments.ru not disclosed to avoid possible manipulations of participants. Nevertheless,, lifting the veil of secrecy, We can say, that our analysts in assessing the first indicator – reliability – take into account decisions of the recognized rating agencies and use similar methods.