Why Putin cannot dismiss Medvedev?

Cycles of ducks in nature

Почему Путин не уволит Медведева


Why Putin don't dismiss Medvedev? It would seem, after thousands of rallies throughout the country. After serious allegations of corruption, which, There is no doubt, would have to be investigated with the absolute, full addiction. After all, a year later, Putin go to elections, and Prime with its updated reputation-nothing, like a stone around the neck. It is hardly possible to somehow explain to voters, Why Medvedev may be a billionaire, receive money from foundations, which, in turn, replenished odious businessmen. Clearly not just so.

In such a situation, not dirty from premiere for the President quite impossible. And it means, jeopardize its own persona before the upcoming ballot, whatever it may be.

But nevertheless,, Putin, Medvedev did not dismiss. Can be, generally never. And here's why: because they are closely linked with the financial ropes. Such strong, sailors would call would be with mooring ropes. I guess, This is attached to the Pier today scrap Kuznetsov. Hope, that forever, that it will not threaten peace and more particularly ecology.

Why Putin cannot dismiss Medvedev

Our trouble is, that sensing news, We don't know how they compare and contrast. As a result, individual events and statements appear to us quite middling and informative. However, the overall picture, and in particular, causation is not created.

Let's look at the facts known to us from the other side. And from this we learn a lot of new and interesting. Can be, Medvedev and not enemy number one in Russia, not the first corrupt, but only part of the chain, gear link?

Here's, for example, Open the news and read. The company "SIBUR" has received 1,75 billion from State, that is, ordered by Premier, on the construction of a new petrochemical plant.

Terms of the transaction

According to data from open sources, the money was transferred to SIBUR not free. But there's a definite and obvious trick. How much cost the Russian business loans? Recall, that for the sake of, to keep the exchange rate, It is then, in the midst of the devaluation, the Central Bank went on ways to maximize the rates. Everything was done, to keep quotes, at any price.

Cycles of ducks in nature

And if the banking system was forced at some point to attract loans 15% p.a., the ultimate recipients they become cost 20, 25 and more per cent. And at the same time money easily available under 2% for their, and course, on who will have to pay, artificially kept back.

And now the main: where did this money? The point is that, that loan was granted from the national welfare fund, that is from those means, intended future retirees.

By the way, We often hear, that these assets are invested somewhere. For example, three billion dollars were awarded to Viktor Yanukovych at the last moment before the flight. But here's the cast, You are welcome, at least one example, the money in the national welfare fund returned. We personally such cases still do not know. So goes, loan granted to SIBUR – very much on it's like, Forever?

Awesome. Can be, from new regions? Strange, Of course, that the Government allocates money private enterprise, but all the same, scoop a scoop, everything can be in the country, where 70% GDP is produced by companies, associated with the State.

But actually, miracles do not happen. Looking for more news, say, from such a trusted source, how Thomson Reuters, We learn, that one of the key shareholders of "Sibur" is someone Kirill Shamalov. Which one, According to another source, Forbes, has capital of not less than 1,2 billion as at 2016 year.

Father Nikolay Shamalov Shamalov is in sanctions list as one friend of Putin and co-owner of notorious Bank «Russia». But little did friends and children of friends, can be, the Russian President is not aware, and not responding, what they do his henchmen?

Unfortunately, and it is not so. The point is that, that, in accordance with the publication of the same Reuters news agency, Kirill Shalamov was the husband of the daughter of the Russian President Catherine Tikhonova.

Putin's corruption scheme

Thus, It turns out, that though the money of the country, Prime Minister Medvedev transfers assets to relatives of his boss-Vladimir Putin.

Is there a difference between Medvedev and Putin? Most likely, only in one. Medvedev, in accordance with the information of the Fund for the fight against corruption, contain specially created funds. Putin is also the case where less modestly. His personal Fund, as it turns out is the National Welfare Fund of the Russian Federation. Which ultimately Medvedev stands thus the executor.

Here is the only one, the obvious and most thoughtful people today known example. Don't be surprised, It goes without saying, After two years, no money in the NWF not returned, of course. Neither from Yanukovich, None of Putin's relatives. And that, somebody thinks, that Putin will dismiss Medvedev?


  1. Theme, Of course, interesting and fertile and could be criticized or, Vice versa, praise the system built in the Summit, but the question is – do you think, that other authorities would be on another? May and on another, but only money from the cashier on the modified American folk left diagram.

  2. As I see it, then Uncle Vova cannot imprison his uncle Dima only because, they are both so profusely in the corruption schemes, What if Uncle Dima will take over the collar, He can tell a lot about the other parties of this gang of thugs in power ogoltelyh this is my evaluation judgment, If that ).


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