Sale Of Rosneft

the weakest link - found!


Sale Rosneft named a number of Russian editions, supposedly following the Financial Times, hardly a "personal triumph for Putin". In fact, The Kremlin just managed to find a weak link in a civilized community of developed countries. And money, received from the sale of one of the best assets, will simply proedeny in a matter of months.

Sale of Rosneft was held

About Tom, the sale of Rosneft took place, the President said. The package of 19,5% shares of this company, previously owned, were sold cheaper in 5% fair market value, that is, a deliberate discount.

Time for entering into the transaction was chosen as a suitable never: before, as the budget was supposed to finally offer the long live. In the first place, of course, pensioners, followed by the rest of the employees.

Just managed to get 10,5 billion rubles, that today's rate is approximately 666 billion rubles. Amazing coincidence number unwittingly reminds, exactly who is behind this transaction.

For reference: the hole in the budget Russia is by far the more 3 trillion rubles. If you divide one by the other, the money should be enough for just a couple of months. And if you compare monthly revenue total expenditure budget for year, that and the fact is significantly less.

History of the Rosneft sale

Meanwhile, the deal turned out to be for the majority of analysts is complete surprise. All normal people rightly thought, that with Putin – "popularly elected", and even more so with Sechin, that unknown, where did come from, No one will communicate.

Sale of Rosneft any adequate American or European company could hardly take place due to the sanctions. It is therefore expected, that the buyer will be either the same budget, missed the money through one of the banks with State participation, or some dubious Fund from any other totalitarian countries, for example, Kazakhstan or at best, China.

The whole issue of success was only successful attempt to find a weak link in the global community. And that's just it — eventually managed to.

Sale Of Rosneft: who the buyer

Buyers Rosneft became on par with Glencore and Qatar Investment Authority, created ad hoc Consortium is one of the early nineties buzzwords and privatization of the pores.

The Qatar Investment Authority is an organization of Qatar, something like our national welfare fund, created in 2005 year local "Emir". This is the structure of the State, the challenge is to diversify the country's economy in one way or another. Unlike Russia in Qatar understand, that cannot all be totally dependent on exports of hydrocarbons and the exploitation of its finite resources.

The only question, how much such a purchase can reduce risks of Qatar, associated with fluctuating stock prices on raw materials. Most likely, does, Therefore,, whether we like it or not, occurs other speculated: Rosneft's acquisition stems from the desire to somehow affect a competitor. For example, in perspective somehow reduce its own production or redistribute market in Europe.

The second participant of the Rosneft sale

The second party of the transaction even more attractive. Glencore is a Swiss company with an interesting history and interesting reputation. In fact it was created by American Marc Rich. By and large, the secret of success refuses to straightforward: the firm made a fortune in the oil trade in Iran bypass sanctions.

To make it entirely clear, in today's time is still, that buying raw materials from terrorist organizations IGIL. And Furthermore, Glencore was also seen in transactions with Cuba, Despite the embargo, and other totalitarian regimes.

It is not surprising, the organizers of "business" in the United States 1983 year was prosecuted — traditionally for tax evasion. And from that moment the financial movers and shakers, Standing at the helm of Glencore, were forced to go into hiding in Europe, namely in Switzerland, that and money the Nazis, selected from murdered Jews, not particularly disdain, and in this case — and even more so.

In 1993 year co-founders persuaded fugitive from American justice to leave his post and sell its stake. Since then, Glencore struggling for the restoration of his reputation.

Of course, not so difficult to find something in common in transactions with Fidel Castro, ubivavshim thousands of their fellow citizens on political grounds and otpravljavshih them for participation in the civil war in Angola, where, By the way, and Sechin, and today's time, When the world turned away from Putin due unleashed by the war in Ukraine and other countries on the approach.

In any case,, Nothing remains, How to say, that for some companies — money does not smell. With one of the enterprises of such varieties as times and struck a deal with Vladimir Putin.

Sale Of Rosneft: the consequences of

Only the tip of the iceberg: price, for which the sale of Rosneft. Even in this figure there are differences, various sources name the 10,5, then 10,2 billion dollars.

At the same time, in the press leaked information, that something is applied to the principal contract agreement, on which the trader Glencore will mediate on an exclusive basis with realization of extracted oil. With fixed whether somehow price, which would be the transaction — it is not known.

Russia has become poorer — at Rosneft. It should be understood, that money, proceeds from the privatization of this asset — or stolen, or prozhrut as soon as possible.

The most important thing: Today we can say with full confidence, so this is what, the sale of Rosneft is unlikely to signal to other investors, because our economy remains one of the most unattractive.


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