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Polymetal International (previously-OJSC polymetal) represents a major organization, key activities-gold mining, Silver and medni. The main work carried out on the territory of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Organization owns a portfolio of assets 16 enterprises in mining and production of precious metals.

Polymetal International

Polymetal International






      • International company, the shares are traded not only in Russia, but in world markets
      • Good raw materials company


      • Stocks followed an entirely dependent on precious metals prices
      • In spite of the fact, the company international, It however works in Russia, and country risks remain

      Stock quotes Polymetal

      Brief information about the company Polymetal International

      Date of Foundation- 1998 year. Established in Saint-Petersburg East Association». Seven years later the Organization was maintaining the Cyprus affiliate NAFTA Moskva».

      For the first time, shares of polymetal were publicly posted at 2007 year, that has enabled the Organization to access quotes on RTS, MICEX and Lse. A total of over 24 % its shares were owned by institutional investors.Gold and silver mining, company Polymetal, Polymetal equities International

      A year later, the main stake of polymetal was sold to three companies, owned by its founders. Later the company was founded by the holding organization Polymetal International. Registration of a new holding company was carried out on. Jersey with a view to obtaining the most favorable conditions of listing on the stock exchange in the uk. Effect of Polymetal International is attracting more than 763 millions of dollars.

      Prospect company Polymetal

      At the moment holding included in indexes FTSE 250, as well as the FTSE Gold mines.

      A key objective of the Organization in the near future-shaping long-term shareholder value, implementation of lucrative projects in the production of precious metals, as well as the expansion of high-quality resource base.

      Promotions Polymetal International today

      In accordance with official data in free circulation resides over 61% shares Polymetal International. The remaining shares are distributed between the "EAST" (about 20%), PPF Group (about 18%) and the governing structure of the company (less 1%).

      The main

      Market capitalization:
      The value of the company:
      P/e Ratio:
      PEG Ratio:
      Price/Sales Ratio:
      Price/book value ratio:
      Ratio Price/Income:
      Ratio Price/EBITDA:

      Финансовые показатели

      Financial year
      Reporting date:
      Last report:
      Monetary assets:
      Monetary assets per share:
      Total debt:
      Debt per share:
      Coeff. current liquidity:
      Net book value per share:
      Account of profits (loss)
      Sales per share:
      Change in sales per quarter, year-to-year:
      Gross profit (loss):
      EBITDA Ratio:
      Net total income of shareholders:
      Earnings per share (EPS):
      The quarterly changes in yield (year-to-year):
      Cash flow
      Operating cash flow:
      Free cash flow:
      Profit margin:
      Operating margin:
      Management effectiveness
      Return on assets:
      Return on shareholders ' equity

      Trade information

      История котировок
      Beta Coefficient:
      Change for the 52 of the week:
      Maximum per year:
      Minimum per year:
      The average for 50 days:
      The average for 200 days:
      Average trading volume:
      Shares issued:
      Shares in circulation:
      Shares from affiliates:
      Shares from institutional investors
      Open short positions:
      Coefficient of short positions
      % short sales from:
      Shares in short selling:
      Dividend and split (crushing) shares
      Expected dividends for the year:
      Expected dividend yield:
      The current dividend yield:
      The average dividend yield for 5 years:
      Dividend payout ratio:
      Date of dividend payment:
      Register closing date:
      The latter conducted stock split:
      Date of split:

      Financial indicators Polymetal International

      The results of the company for the past two years, taken from the accounting data.

      2012 2013 2014
      Net profit per share 0,65 -0,33 -0,32
      Diluted net income 0,65 -0,33 -0,32
      Dividends per share 0,2 0,05 0,13
      The total size of dividend payouts 117,71 53,98
      Polymetal International: Performance companies (in GBP)
      2012 2013 2014
      Revenue per share 3,06 2,81 2,57
      P/e Ratio (price at year end, Basic EPS) 18,08
      P/e Ratio (price at year end, diluted EPS) 18,08
      P/e Ratio (price at year end) 18,08
      Dividend yield at the end of the year, % 1,73 0,94 2,31
      Ratio of own funds 58,94 54,92 29,01
      Debt burden ratio 41,06 45,08 70,99
      Polymetal International: Profit and loss statement (in Mio. GBP)
      2012 2013 2014
      Revenue 1170,06 1091,81 1026,62
      Change the revenues, % 41,41 -6,69 -5,97
      Gross profit 588,77 256,85 392,77
      Modified gross margin, % 38,89 -56,38 52,92
      Operating profit 406,49 116,67 271,71
      To change the operating profit, % 35,3 -71,3 132,89
      EBIT 390,74 -99,34 -79,4
      Change In EBIT, % 52,48 -125,42 -20,07
      Profit after tax 248,86 -126,7 -127,44
      Change in profit after tax, % 37,89 -150,91 0,59
      Polymetal International: Balance (in Mio. GBP)
      2012 2013 2014
      Total debt 910,01 885,88 1364,56
      Change the aggregate debt, % 1,26 1,82 1,67
      Own capital 1306,49 1079,24 557,63
      Change in shareholders ' equity, % 21,87 -17,39 -48,33
      Balance 2216,5 1965,12 1922,19
      Change of balance, % -5,68 -11,34 -2,18
      Polymetal International: Other indicators (in GBP)
      2012 2013 2014
      Earnings per share (Basic EPS) 0,65 -0,33 -0,32
      Change in earnings per share, % 31,9 -150,2 1,35
      Diluted earnings per share (diluted EPS) 0,65 -0,33 -0,32
      Change in diluted earnings per share, % 40,81 -150,2 1,35
      The number of employees 8993 9232 8853
      Change in the number of employees in % 11,7 2,66 -4,11

      Where to buy shares of Polymetal International

      Ordinary shares “Polymetal” listed on the Moscow stock exchange. They can buy or sell anyone, using one of the following brokers.

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