Платина, инвестиции в платину

Platinum is a chemical element, the symbol Pt. The origin of the name originates from "plata". In Spanish means "Silver". «(P)Latina "-literally translated as" little silver "or even" serebriško "from similarity with silver and silver-white. Recognized as a precious metal. Platinum is a stock commodity.

Platinum: moments in history

As Platinum jewelry from ancient times Inca valued vysokao and Chibcha on South America. In Europe, however, it was not used until 18 century. This was due to the fact, that it was difficult to melt. Due to the fact, that its alloy with silver you can easily pass off as gold, began to appear fake coins and jewelry, allegedly issued as gold. As a result, imports to Europe "these stones for fakes" was banned, and already imported copies were solemnly dropped in the sea.

The only application while metal found only as a measure of weight and standard meter. This was due to the fact, that this material was heavier than gold. And pure Platinum for the first time were able to obtain only the beginning 19 century.

Almost at the same time the "unknown chemical element was discovered in the Urals. Later, Platinum found on other Russian mines. Large-scale work on platinum mining in Russia began with 1825 year. And the following year the Russian scientists were able to find a method of extraction of this metal. Was this done by using press with further exposure to the maximum hot form.

Modern application of Platinum

Over time, Platinum has found application in many industries. The main consumer (about 90 tons per year) today is in the field of automotive industry. With the 70-ies of the last century to stop further pollution of the unique Platinum alloys Wednesday used as catalysts for automotive exhaust dosžiganiâ.

Platinum is used in chemical industry (about 10 tons per year), in glass (a similar consumption), in medicine (before 8 tons), the oil and gas industry (6-7 tons of each year), electrical engineering and electronics (6-8 tons).

In addition, one third of all produced Platinum is used in jewelry production. The main consumers of products made from this precious metals-China and Japan.

Every year for all types of industry requires more than 100 tons. This often exceeds the number of extracted metal.

To date, the main deposits of Platinum concentrate on the territory of the REPUBLIC of SOUTH AFRICA, Zimbabwe, Russia, China and the United States, and evaluated in 80 thousand tons. In the lands of those States kept about 90 % all Platinum on the planet. In our country the main deposits are located in Krasnoyarsk, Kamchatka Krai, Norilsk, Murmansk and Sverdlovsk regions, etc..

The rarity of this metal, as well as the increased demand is the value for investment. In addition to this, Platinum in history served the function of money. For example, at the beginning of 19 century in Russia from it produced high-grade rubles.

Investing in Platinum

Platinum is now stock commodity, traded on the London Metal Exchange and the stock exchange in New York. Common futures contracts. Price is indicated in Troy ounces.

Today, investment in Platinum have gained popularity on a par with other precious metals and currency. However, you must remember, the prices for this metal is directly dependent on the economy in the country. Because financial crises are not conducive to high road production and purchasing power on luxuries.

In our country invest in Platinum, as in other precious metals, You may use the services of various banking organizations, with a license for carrying out such operations. By the way, the operation can be performed both with bars, and with metal accounts.

For those, who are interested in investing in Platinum, the site has a page with precious metals quotations.


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