Палладий, инвестиции в палладий

Palladium is a chemical element, symbol to denote-Pd. It is a noble silver with white metal, acts as a commodity on the stock exchange. Got navzvanie from the asteroid Pallas, open early 19 century-the year before metal detecting. A celestial object was called, in turn, in honor of the Greek Athena Pallas.

First time metal managed to extract from Platinum ore. Opened its English physician and scientist William Wollaston. Then, in 1803 year, He could select it from crude platinum.

The largest deposits and production of Palladium

Palladium is one of the rarest precious metal. It is believed the same demand, as Platinum, Gold and silver. At the beginning of 19 century remove this chemical element possible only in Platinum. Now geohimiki name figure in thirty minerals, from which you can obtain this metal.

In General, the, It belongs to the platinoidnoj group of elements. Accordingly, extracted a similar way. The largest deposits are located in our country, in the Urals. Also found deposits in Alaska (United States), Australia, Colombia and SOUTH AFRICA. The largest deposits are on the Kola peninsula and Lamont.

Almost half of the (44 %) total world production of Palladium fall on Russia. It is followed by SOUTH AFRICA, Canada and United States.

Palladium: modern application

Unusual chemical element found application in many branches of modern industry. For example, about one hundred tons annually consumed fuel efficient car manufacturers. Now less expensive, than Platinum, It is successfully used for the production of automotive catalysts. Also the widespread use of Palladium found in electronics and electrical engineering (30 tons per year). In medicine-for the manufacture of alloys in dentistry, pacemakers, various medical instruments, etc.. Here consumption is approximately 26 tons per year. In the chemical and oil-and-gas industry metal consumed in quantities greater than 10 tons.

Traditionally, demand in the jewelry business. To give gold white («White Gold») as times and uses the Palladium. The main consumers of jewelry accessory with the addition of Palladium remain China and Japan, as well as other Asian countries. Here the metal requires about 20 tons per year.

Less often, than Platinum, Gold and silver, Palladium is used in creating a limited edition commemorative coins.

In General, the, annually extracted about 225 thousands of tons of Palladium. Demand is kept at 265 thousand tons. So pervasive its deficit. There is a tendency of growth. Demand continues to grow, so more and more industrial organizations are trying to jump on the Palladium with more expensive Platinum.

Investing in Palladium

Palladium is a noble and expensive metal. So often acts as an object for investment. Bidding can be done on the Exchange and over-the-counter markets.

Popular possess and futures contracts on this metal. The price is indicated in Troy ounces.

In our country to make investments in Palladium, It is possible to, using the services of various banking organizations, licensed to conduct such operations.

On our site you can familiarize yourself with the current world quotes on Palladium.


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