The Russian economy: the real scale of the crisis

    Российская экономика: реальный масштаб кризиса

    The Russian authorities continue to lie in a television camera and each other, creating the illusion of some improvement in the economy. So, for example, After the movie oskandalivshijsja FBK, but and “nedootstavlennyj” Dmitry Medvedev once again met with Vladimir Putin and made with this striking statement, that, supposedly, Russia left the crisis zone and entered the stage of growth.

    See, So whether it is actually. Or we are witnessing another portion of the Kremlin lies.

    Economy Of Russia: recovery or collapse

    This table contains data about GDP, translated into hard currency. Of course, payments in roubles, which devaluated several times over the past couple of years, have no meaning, with the same success could be expected result production in fantikah from under the gum. So let us turn to the real numbers. Source: World Bank.

    2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
    GDP, BN. United States dollars 1396,5 1784,5 1313,7 1638,5 2031,8
    2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
    GDP, BN. United States dollars 2170,1 2230,6 2031,0 1326,0 1267,8


    As we can see from these figures, economic growth slowed down already in 2013 year and went back in 2014-m. Parenthetically, the previous crisis was observed only five years ago, and the worst figures were recorded in 2009 year. Then it managed to topple in the global financial crisis.

    Evaluate past "achievements" of the Government and President expired. Just one catastrophic 2015 year of the country's economy collapsed almost doubled. After the collapse, logically, one way or another would occur at least some adjustments, reverse the movement indicators. But we see the reverse. In subsequent 2016 year GDP falls still hardly in 10%.

    Figures returned to the previous crisis and even smashed the previous records. In reality, If you add the digits, then it turns out, that Russia retraced back to at least 2007, and even to 2006 year.

    You see, even on GDP, and those saying, that Vladimir Putin We had to leave after the second deadline. Not that, that the Constitution of any, that long power fails to comply with the, and data economy. Their decision pseudo deputies or so-called Pocket Constitutional Court does not reconfigure and not replace.

    Russia's place in the world

    Formally, Russia still kept the G20, Although the G7 it was not even close and earlier. Today we are "honorary" 12 place, hopelessly behind, not only from the traditional leaders of the United States, China, Germany, France, Japan, and so on, but from India, South Korea, Brazil. We breathe in the back in this race Australia, Spain, Mexico, Indonesia. Obviously, What if Russia would hold soon another devaluation of the national currency, similar fact, that was in the 2015 year, the question of participation in the G20 also resolved, as with G7. Only a fly out from there, our country is not for the "feats" in the foreign policy arena, and on the amount of economic indicators.

    GDP, United States dollars World percentage
    United States 18561,93 27,70%
    China 11391,62 15,10%
    Japan 4730,3 6,29%
    Germany 3494,9 4,65%
    United Kingdom 2649,89 3,52%
    France 2488,28 3,31%
    India 2250,99 2,99%
    Italy 1852,5 2,46%
    Brazil 1769,6 2,35%
    Canada 1532,34 2,04%
    S. Korea 1404,38 1,87%
    Russia 1267,75 1,69%
    Australia 1256,64 1,67%
    Spain 1252,16 1,66%
    Mexico 1063,61 1,41%
    Indonesia 940,95 1,25%
    Netherlands 769,93 1,02%
    Turkey 735,72 0,98%
    Switzerland 662,48 0,88%
    Saudi Arabia 637,79 0,85%

    Now quite often economic portals publish circular diagrams, showing the share of GDP of any country in the overall world record. But we do not. Clear, that

    place Russia, 1,69%, turns out to be so small segment, that it will not be visible. How to bite a worm in the Apple.

    That is called, within the statistical margin of error.

    The inefficiency of the Russian economy

    Russia is not the poorest country, occupying, It is ranked number, not worthy of an operating, the largest part of the land compared to other. In doing so, it demonstrates some of the worst indicators for the efficiency of its economy. Then, that we are visible in the General list of GDP, simply ignores the, that at least some result obtained is exclusively due to the scale of.

    Unfortunately, so far, none of the economists is not that compare GDP with an area of a State. But to get such an evaluation is another common indicator. Gross domestic product per capita.

    According to this criterion is on Russia "honorable" 52-m! place in the world. Finishing in decent position between Malaysia and Kazakhstan. But here it is necessary to understand one of the important features of the. Traditionally countries East have worst current results-due to the high birth rate and serious population growth. In such a situation, the GDP per person below, and this is payback for future potential growth, that should happen, as soon as the podrosshee new generation starts in place of the current adult.

    And Russia-vice versa, dying country, where, how much do not doplachivaj for second child, still the best people not only don't deliver similar, but strive to move to developed countries, Once the legs.

    Per capita GDP of Russia not only unacceptably bad, He is dropping year by year. Even the, that we so far countries such solution, as Ukraine, Poland or Turkey, is due solely to the sale of natural resources. At the time of, as citizens of other countries are creating GDP-with his own hands and brains, and not imported from abroad oil rigs or gas pipes.

    What Russia succeeded

    Most analysts agree, with the result that some growth in our country-still will. Within and much lower 1% in the year. But no one says, where does such an indicator.

    In fact, everyone just. If we at least something eventually will produce and sell, Suppose, not even partners in the world, and ourselves, This figure we so get. Just because there is such a thing, as inflation. Now for the United States dollar, in which we are engaged is conditionally calculations, at a level below one percent in year.

    So GDP growth in real terms, Of course, late or early for this percentage to be received. But as a result of revaluation, and not because we have to produce more. And then, only in the case of, If anything unexpected in the economy no longer happens. But who knows, We live with this power-exclusively on nuclear bomb.

    … The veil of secrecy, where the same, the areas in which we still have succeeded, Dmitry Medvedev overdue Putin still uncovered. It turns out, for 2016 the year has seen unprecedented growth, as much as integer 70%, in the pharmaceutical industry.

    As? The substitutes of import drugs. The so-called dzhenerikah. Or to say it in Russian, surrogates. Or deception. Because any normal doctor chooses high-quality imported product domestic nedodelannomu "analogue".

    And that is the whole essence of today's economic situation. We can't even, as in other countries, compare GDP at purchasing power parity. Because there is no such data, cannot be mapped to equal-for example, cheap soy and Palm forgery under products with normal food.

    In the end, only one remains: look at the figures and here. And learn, Finally, that representatives of the Kremlin-manipulated figures and blatantly lie. No way out of the crisis are expected. The recession will continue at least as many years, How will Vladimir Putin in power.


    1. HA, Pharma gains on 70%. The sector drew the attention of the authorities. Only, that people have and will buy, so this medicine and of course food. The rest soon there will be no money. And in General, is the only business that crisis than – This ritual services, those always gains.

    2. I do not think, the Russian economy in shambles. She has always been such a. Yes and the sense of creating something new, to keep pace with the times, When you have 1/6 part of the land of the whole earth? No. Sell resources. Sell water from Lake Baikal. Sell wood from Siberia. Well and good. This means our.

    3. HA, on me, so the causes of the crisis in the economy are clear, as day. It all started from the very moment, When Russia got in someone else's Garden (read: Ukraine) and there began to swing right, and build orders, and then captured the Crimea. From here – numerous sanctions, in which she is bogged down, and the sharp deterioration in the standard of living of the population.


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