Where to invest money

Where to invest moneyAddressing the issue, where to invest money, Each investor must first of all understand the main rule the world of finance: each level of profitability always contrasts with the corresponding risk. That is literally for each earned an additional percentage of profit have to pay opportunity to lose some portion of their savings, or even all of them.

Therefore, the task of choosing, where to invest money, shall be decided in each case individually, on the basis of expected income and an acceptable level of reliability of investments. For the sake of increasing profits have to go on the increased risk of Bad news is, that universal recipe, where to invest money, in nature there is no. But there are good – the investor actually have plenty to choose from and that compare.

Rating tools, where to invest money

In order for the, to a novice investor, it was easier to navigate in the boundless sea of financial opportunities, Portal Allinvestments.ru amounted to a kind of rating of financial instruments called “Where to invest money”.

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Comment by rating “Where to invest money”

Rating “Where to invest money” has certain characteristics. It is easy to see, that, as the law prescribes finance, profitability contrasts with reliability. However, the sum of these indicators do not always give 100%. This is due to the efficiency of the market. How does not happen in physics coefficient equal to one hundred percent, Similarly in our case is.

To illustrate the real single example. Suppose, currency market Forex – This is an opportunity to earn infinitely many within its deposit. And at the same time – chance of losing everything, also within as broker amount.

If you do not take into account other factors, the risk would be equal to the yield of one to one. But it does not happen. Firstly, because regardless of profit or loss, a portion of the money proves to be paid to the broker within the spread between buying and selling.

Secondly, In addition to trading risks, There is a likelihood of, with enough substantial, the bankruptcy of the Forex broker. Thus, EFFICIENCY games on Forex does not equal 100 per cent.

All these factors have also to take into account the, choosing, where to invest money.