Disclosed the theft from savings bank

But everything stayed ....

Раскрыта кража со счетов Сбербанка

In Moscow revealed the theft from the accounts of Savings Bank. Thus, You can say, that those people, who naively puts its money in the country's largest credit institution, hoping, that they will be safe, in fact severely mistaken. Because in the country, where theft is erected in degree of national idea, hope for the reliability of staff is not necessary really anywhere.

Theft from savings bank: mechanism

Secret theft from Sberbank has proven to limit simple. Arrested two sisters, Maryam and Tamilla Dadashevy. And they worked in two different offices, each by itself. And it means, that in fact the mechanism is universal and works on all the credit organization structures.

Both sisters were employees of the client department and catered to legal persons. And for cashing stolen money used firm mayfly.

At present, it is assumed, that they managed to steal the order 40 million rubles. Although investigators said media representatives, that would assign not much and not a little, 4 billion rubles.

How to spend the stolen

Noteworthy, that she was detained in the showroom. At the time of purchase of the Ferrari car cost 7 million rubles. Of course, such machines-as stated, not according to Cap Ivashka middle managers. In our country, they are exclusively for officers and serving them "businessmen".

In fact, girls only realised their dream. Journalists unearthed a photo of one of them, made in United Arab Emirates-also in the cabin, against the backdrop of a similar car. With signature-request gift.

Lost generation

Both sisters graduated from economic higher educational institutions. The eldest of them works in structure of Sberbank still with 2012 year. And even considered in good standing. Maryam oversea upload your photos in different countries in social networks. And in General a fan of secular bright lifestyle.

It would seem, all just. Basic criminal history. The police, the Prosecutor's Office and the Court will decide the issue in two accounts. However, sediment, that is called, There will still be.

Because in Russia the only type of business, that pays off-this is theft. At all levels. Take from the beginning, with the same rates for deposits of Sberbank. Today credit institution offers order 7%. The head of the organization is not the last man in power, and so he could not know about long ago made plans for a devaluation of the ruble by about 10%.

No need to go far and be a great mathematician, to understand: 10 minus seven must give in dry matter loss 3% for each, who would believe a jar. Here are these three per cent, as in that anecdote, and will live Guide and all other credit organization structure, in recent years almost all a substitute for the financial system of the country. Not bad, isn't it?

The situation with the proposed to release Government bonds is identical to. Only in this case at the expense of gullible and single-mindedly citizens will live directly the country's leadership and people close to them, receive an exclusive order contracts for all sorts of work. Of course, After, How will share with each other through the appropriate affelirovannye each other funds. Or if you donate certain amounts through the Panamanian offshore-"the violin".

And more ... That's amazing, as damsel, caught stealing money, not asked, Why, for example, Premiere country, recently sold online movie, can be beautiful to live on foreign media, and they have no? Than stealing from Sberbank worse? Or are they still asked about it, but just didn't tell us about it?


  1. Now is the time, that nobody wants to work, but just getting “light” money. Never knew such people. All secret becomes obvious. Now, or through the year, but these girls suck'd on their learn th. After all dream about a car and travel in almost all, but I have thoughts you don't want someone robbing or award of misappropriated funds.

    • Я согласна с Вами. Какая разница кто ворует, крупный шишка или обычный менеджер, как говоритьсясколько веревочке не вейся, конец все равно будет.

  2. Работать честно в нашей стране, Unfortunately, not “престижно”. Уже у людей такое мнение, что хоть сколько то умный человек, либо уезжает заграницу, либо ворует.


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