Who war-mother

    Кому война – родная мать


    Who would doubt, What's behind yet another escalation in the Donetsk and Lugansk oblasts hides someone's financial interests. Desire to earn extra money. Even the blood of their fellow citizens and.

    The secret revealed, why in reality needed the latest actions of the regime is to recognize fake passports, produced by rebel or simply occupied territories prior to initiating additional problems for local residents. It turns out, Donbass market want to "learn" Russian oligarchs, associated, for a long time nobody is hidden information, with the leadership of the country.

    Who makes war

    Recipients profit should be at least two people. According to the information of the RBC, It is with them is already negotiating the "integration" of Ukrainian territories in the Russian economy. And this information is served under a slightly different angle: supposedly, the Government has asked the two oligarchs "to draw attention to new market and consider delivery in Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts of Ukraine iron ore.

    As specially, because of the ongoing hostilities with the rebel territories rail proved cut off from other companies our neighbor. Contributed to the deterioration of the situation and also the blockade. Although in General was a big issue the opportunity to supply anything in uncontrolled or actually occupied areas.

    From the Russian Government in collusion with the oligarchs seen Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak. And from business in dubious scheme, most likely, will participate is familiar to all persons, Alisher usmanov and Alexey Mordashov.

    We will present brief summaries, These people, whom, According to information from the media, will expand your business through traditional market such Ukrainian enterprises, as Northern GOK, Central GOK and Iguleckij Gok.

    Alisher Usmanov, the owner of metalloinvest holding. Russia occupies 3 place in the Forbes list, with its capital, estimated in 12,5 billion dollars. Has, If you believe the article, hosted at Wikipedia, criminal past, He spent six years in an Uzbek prison in USSR. Was subsequently rehabilitated, However, not all in this believe.

    In our country, Vice versa, Usmanov lit up cooperation with MVD, ensuring that Office communication, including, Obviously, and the secret. Contract on 9 billion rubles concluded with a MegaFon.

    Criminal youth, diligently podtertaja lawyers on the Internet, It's still the past. Though painfully reminiscent of the no less dubious biography, supposedly, "rehabilitated" on all articles of a runaway Victor Yanukovich. Whom, By the way, It would also be possible to remember in connection with Donbass.

    However, it is noteworthy, that Alisher Usmanov has proved involved in dubious operations. For example, with the funds, associated with the name Premier Dmitry Medvedev. About this explicitly States, and his name is mentioned several times in the film's last anti-corruption Alexei Navalny, recently published on the World Wide Web.

    Obviously, that rapid growth of well-being of the oligarch anyway happens thanks to certain transactions, in which most interested the Russian head of Government. Is this not corruption? Or, at least, no reason for careful checking of origin of funds?

    Biography Alexey Mordashov was significantly more modest, than Usmanov, as well as capital, which is, According to estimates by Forbes, "only" 6-th place, 10,9 billion dollars. Unlike his colleague, Mordashov is associated more with Putin, than with Medvedev.

    According to the information of the network editions DMeurope.com, at one time he claimed almost Vice premiere, delayed repeatedly supported the President on the elections. And his buying 70% shares of REN TV clearly was perceived by analysts as another step toward state takeover of independent media.

    Noteworthy, that "unprecedented heights" in business Mordashov has reached exactly when Putin. But before his coming to power, the financial situation of the oligarch was estimated to be more than ambiguous.

    So, in 1999 year inexplicably spilled the criminal case on tax evasion in particularly large amounts one of enterprises, Mordashov holding. (A) calculation of the budget although it was produced, but in the new rubles, following the devaluation of several times according to the results of the default.

    Why not touched Mordashov, Unlike the same Mikhail Khodorkovsky? For political loyalty? Or had other interests?

    I guess, integrity of this man, Although it's not exactly the topic of the financial magazine, best describes the property Division with the first wife Mordashov, which has lost all, that was at that time as a result of litigation. Generous and a conscientious husband left her apartment in Cherepovets, "zhiguli" car "nine" and some child support payments. And myself took the action-Severstal. The details of this dusheshhipatel'noj story if you want, you can easily find in the yellow press.

    How much money

    According to analysts, Russian business movers and shakers are able to sale 2,6 million tonnes of ore Enakievskomu and Section Mills, that are in the Donetsk region, and still 1,6 Mt Alchevskomu steel plant-in Luhansk.

    Is it much or little? Looking to compare. In any case,, metallurgical industry, like any, experiencing today is not the best of times because of the crisis. How well things are going from Usmanov and Mordashov in this area is difficult to say. However, if you believe Forbes, their capital significantly enough "sank as a result of the general collapse in the economy of our country.

    In such a situation, and in particular, When the sanctions Western partners look at Russian business with a big grain of salt, any market is valuable. Besides, oligarchs, don't pobojavshimsja invest in impure thing, in fact, in the future this opens the opportunity to capture those or other assets in the occupied territory. As has already been, for example, with stolen Ukrainian plant.

    Bloody money

    Officially, the representatives of Russian companies, reported by the MEDIA, not ready to confirm details of his forthcoming collaboration with enterprises in Ukraine. And it's no coincidence.

    Firstly, delivery will require intensified hostilities. Not all the necessary rail tracks were in the hands of the separatists. And supply the plants don't need much and not a little, and more than a dozen trains at any time of day or night.

    While such important railway junctions, as Slavic and Kramatorsk, in his time, passed into the hands of the Ukrainian army. By chance the famous Igor Strelkov-Girkin settled in due time in slovyansk?

    Who would believe, that Russian oligarchs will invest your money, but the separatists-their labour in the construction of new railway? And it means, to implement the Government's plan would require the continuation of the war. And capture of New Territories.

    It is important to note, that the leaders of the separatists have already announced the introduction of its administration and hardly the "nationalization" of enterprises, living in rebel areas. Obviously, now between them and Russian leadership talks under way not only that, to download plants, but also about any possible division of profits.

    Secondly, Neither Usmanov, Neither Mordashov not ready to confirm their plans, because rightly believed, that such actions would be followed by sanctions from developed countries, United States and Europe. And correctly will make, be still and start international investigation open on money laundering, related to terrorism. In doing so, and the, and another “businessman” business interests is not only in Russia. Including sales of steel products.

    However, in spite of everything – not worth to assume, that only these two may eventually become the main beneficiaries from the war. In reality, to the naked eye visible, that for them somewhere in the shadows is different sweet couple political partners: Putin and Medvedev. Interesting, who works for whom?..

    And still… those Russian guys, who lost the head of State propaganda, they are aware of, for whose money they went and go die?..


    1. Уголовным прошлым богатых людей, уже трудно кого-то удивить. Усманов, at least, не лезет в политическую элиту, как Янукович. А власть и деньгиэто понятия тождественные. Чтобы разбогатеть надо пользоваться поддержкой влиятельных политиков, а лучше первых лиц государства.

    2. Really, оккупация Крыма и восточных областей Украине дорого и весьма дорого обходиться РФ. Мир не признал референдум в Крыму.А наоборот ввёл санкции. Все трезво мыслящие лидеры если и хотят отрастить территориями то предгают деньги этим государствам. Так делала США. Так недавно Китай купил территории у Таджикистана. И всё. Никаких вам санкции и прочего экономического коллапса. Но нет, нужно действовать как криминально. Украсть, отнять или оккупировать. Мир то цивилизован и всё видит. Конечно глава РФ сказал что вопрос Крыма закрыт, а значит и вопрос отмены санкции в отношении РФ тоже. Не зря Медведев сказалСанкции будут всегда”.


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