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Investor dictionaryYet no man was born to light, knowing the financial terminology. Everything in this life has to learn to. In order for the, to facilitate learning, created this Visual Dictionary investor, which explains key terms and concepts, used in investing.

Investor dictionary is specially designed for those, who would like to master financial terminology, knowledge which is required in financial markets. But has one feature guide. Instead of, to explain the concepts, as in the academic Handbook, Here it is expected to pay particular attention to the clear diagrams and illustrations. We have not been trying to Wikipedia, We tried to explain easier.

  • (A)

  • АкцияWhat is the action, action - This is a valuable paper, income which consists of dividends and exchange rate difference, ordinary and preference shares.
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  • Баррель нефтиWhat is a barrel of oil, How many liters and gallons in a single barrel of oil, where oil is traded in barrels, features of exchange deals
  • Бивалютная корзинаWhat is dual-currency basket, composition of the bi-currency basket. Calculation example, the ratio of dollars and euros in the bi-currency basket CBR. Use and application of the concept of cancellation the bi-currency basket.
  • БиржаWhat is Exchange, What are the functions of the Exchange, how Exchange trading, transaction "on the circle" and in electronic format, the participants of the deals, income stock exchanges
  • In

  • Валютная интервенцияWhat is currency intervention, why and when central banks carry out foreign exchange intervention, What results they bring, foreign exchange intervention and Forex
  • ВексельWhat is a bill of Exchange, promissory notes and bills of Exchange, the notion of acceptance, endorsement of Bill of Exchange, yield on the Bill, his presentation, protest refusal from payment.
  • Виды ценных бумагDocumentary and non-documentary securities, Government and corporate, debt and dolevy, other types of securities.
  • ВолатильностьWhat is volatility, types of volatility and factors, affect it, volatility in the capital market (stock market), foreign exchange market, volatil′nsot′ for investors and speculators
  • Д

  • ДилерDefine dealer, who is a dealer on the market of securities and currencies, at whose expense the dealer commits the transaction, What role it performs at the stock exchange, Regulation of dealer activity
  • Драгоценные металлыWhat is the precious metals, application of precious metals, their use in industry, in jewelry, investing in precious metals, alternative currency
  • З

  • Займы для МФОDefine dealer, who is a dealer on the market of securities and currencies, at whose expense the dealer commits the transaction, What role it performs at the stock exchange, Regulation of dealer activity
  • Золотая лихорадкаWhat is gold rush, history of gold lehoradok and development of territories of the Americas, Australia. The modern concept of the gold rush on investment markets.
  • Ѝ

  • Инвестиционная монетаWhat is a bullion coin, In contrast to the commemorative coins. Where to buy and how to sell coins, What determines the price of investment coins. How to get a return on your investment in coins.
  • Инвестиционный фондWhat is investment fund, definition of investment fund, types and features of investment funds on the structure, assets, tracks attachment.
  • Interval unit investment fundEspecially IPIF, interval unit investment fund - dignity and nedostatski for investors, comparison between the profitability of UIF with other mutual funds
  • InflationWhat is inflation, the definition of the term, causes and types of inflation. Historical examples of high inflation.
  • Ќ

  • CapitalizationDefinition, What is capitalization, accounting the capitalization, market capitalization. Talking about capitalization, the largest Russian companies by market capitalization and their comparison with Western.
  • ClearingDefinition of the Exchange's clearing, What is clearing and how it is carried out with the trade of financial instruments, examples, margin requirements
  • CouponCoupon definition, What is the coupon bonds, coupon payments, accrued coupon income. Coupon and beskuponnye bonds.
  • Л

  • LiquidityThe concept of liquidity, defining the economic term, currency liquidity, securities, precious metals, real estate, How to determine the liquidity of the asset
  • ListingWhat is the listing and delisting of securities, explanation of the Exchange concepts, How is listing both in Russia and abroad, description of the listing procedure
  • М

  • MacroeconomicsDefine macroeconomics, studying macroeconomics as a science, main directions of research, macroeconomic indicators, outstanding scientists
  • Microfinance organization (MFO)Define dealer, who is a dealer on the market of securities and currencies, at whose expense the dealer commits the transaction, What role it performs at the stock exchange, Regulation of dealer activity
  • MicroeconomicsDefine macroeconomics, studying macroeconomics as a science, main directions of research, macroeconomic indicators, outstanding scientists
  • Н

  • Non-governmental pension fund (NPF)What is a pension fund (NPF). The structure of the, the organizational form of the NPF. Replenishment of account, translation tools in the NPF, How do I withdraw money from NPF, the choice of the NPF, payment of pensions.
  • Oil and gas transferWhat is the oil and gas transfer in Russia, an enumeration of the proceeds from the sale of oil and gas in the budget, in accordance with the tax code, calculation.
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  • Impersonal metal accounts (OMC)What is impersonal metal accounts (OMC), how and when to use them, how much profit or loss can be obtained on the ISOs, how much does it cost to account maintenance
  • Bond, What is a bondWhat is a bond, What bond is different from shares, types of bonds, What is the income on bonds, Russian bonds, timing of treatment
  • Open-end investment fundWhat is an open mutual fund (OPEN), its advantages for investors, restrictions on the ability of open-end investment funds
  • П

  • Unit investment fund (PIF)What is a mutual fund (PIF), categories and types of mutual funds, their advantages for investors, the cost of participation in the investment fund unit, yield.
  • Signs securitiesUnified asset, a certain value, liquidity, Government Regulation release.
  • Р

  • REPO
  • Rating agencyWhat is the rating agency (RA), What is the role of credit rating agencies perform on investment markets, that gives a rating to the issuer and the investor, criticism of the rating agencies.
  • ProfitabilityHow to use the profitability index, types of profitability, calculating ROI, profitability ratios for investors
  • With

  • System of money transfersWhat is the system of money transfers, how it works, Unlike banks, How is the transfer of money, How to choose the correct remittance system
  • Т

  • Troy ounceWhat is the Troy ounce, history of a unit of weight for precious metals, its modern application. Banking and stock exchange codes troy ounces
  • Ф

  • Real Estate FundWhat is a real estate fund, What real estate fund invests, peculiarities of composition of the assets of the Fund and its investors, for what purpose they are created
  • Ц

  • Valuable paperValuable paper - This is a document in paper money, either in paperless form, which gives the owner certain rights. The assignment of these rights is called an assignment.
  • CessionWhat does cession, What is the name of the, who passes the law and the, who acquires the, What is the difference between the cession of assignment of rights under a contract, cession in the securities market
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  • Electronic payment systemsWhat is electronic payment system, types of electronic payment systems, the history of their development, the practice of using, the benefits of remittances using EPS

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Investor dictionary

Investors dictionary contains terms and definition, knowledge required for work in the stock market. For most beginner investors capital market seems much more complex, than ordinary bank deposits. In fact, it is: buying shares or bonds requires certain qualifications and training.

At the same time, It should be noted, that lack of financial knowledge seriously affects the income. Therefore, the investment Portal strongly recommends that you still spend some time and understand, Since than have to deal. Financial literacy really expands the possibilities for the preservation and enhancement of money.