Shares of Russian companies

Акции российских компаний, инвестиции в акции

Shares of Russian companies is a relatively risky investment tool, which may, in certain circumstances, bring greater profit, than bank deposit. When this income on invested capital is not guaranteed. An investor may very well get loss in the event of the outbreak of the crisis in the stock market, If the shares of Russian companies will fall in price.

Shares of Russian companies

Shares of Russian companies






  • High potential yield.
  • Opportunity to capitalize on the growth of economy.
  • A large number of tools.


  • Profit is not guaranteed.
  • Possible loss.
  • Additional risks: broker and trading platform.

Overview of the instrument

Features of investing in shares of Russian companies

Shares are essentially shares the investor in the share capital of the company. Shareholder is, first and foremost, co-owner. Thus, his income consists of two components. Firstly, of dividends is the share in profit, that company management decide to distribute among the owners of the. Secondly, growth of shareholder value.

A simple explanation of the shares of the Russian companies are getting more expensive, When the economy grows, and enterprises-issuers demonstrates the increase in the value of its net assets in, attributable to one security. You must understand, the price of shares in Russian companies is determined on the stock exchange, that is, market, which takes into account all, including expectations for the future. The popular idea of what, the shares of Russian companies “underestimated” – fictitious brokers to increase their own sales and expanding the client base.

Types of shares of Russian companies

There are two types of shares: common and preferred. Both categories are common in Russia. And those, and those affirm the right of the investor to share in the authorized capital, but with one essential difference. Common shares are entitled to participate in the management of a public company through a general meeting of shareholders. Preferred such a right does not give, at least, While the company pays dividends.

The Russian practice preferred shares are priced Russian market at approximately half the price of ordinary shares of the same company. Of course, This conditional correlation, that can and should vary depending on the situation.

From the point of view of the classical world theory of investing preferred shares are considered one of the most unattractive tools: the buyer assumes all risks of the company, not buying opportunities at least influence decisions.

The risks of stock market

Clear, the economy may grow as, and stagnate. As investors come to the Russian market, and leave it. All this is reflected in the stock market as a whole, and promotions in the first place.

The second point is, that the company can get on the results of their work as profit, and loss. Therefore, the shares of Russian companies how to grow in price, and, with the same success, fall.

Risks, associated with different securities, not the same, because added another factor — liquidity, that is, the ability to quickly, with the least loss of sell a share, If something goes wrong. From this point of view, the shares of Russian companies are divided into two-tier — the so-called blue chips and all the rest of the. "Blue chips" represent the biggest securities companies, with a maximum volume of transactions on the market.

Potential losses in varying degrees offset expectations of increased profits. The investor receives in any outcome only advance promised a small percentage. And the, who bought the shares of Russian companies, with a favorable outcome can earn really much.

Investing in stocks for professionals

Operations with shares for professionals are not confined only to their buying, waiting for growth and sales. For those, who really understands this market, two options available.

Firstly, the deal "with shoulder». As a rule, brokers provide relatively inexpensive — or even free during the trading day — credit for, that the customer can buy the most liquid shares of Russian companies in the amount, exceeding initial deposit. Thus, Investor-professional earns more, than he would have gotten, working on your own money. In the event of fall of the market loss is proportional to the customer increases.

Secondly, often investors earn not only the growth of quotations of securities, but on their fall. This is done so. A professional stock broker Russian companies come into debt and sold on the stock exchange. When the price drops, securities bought back cheaper and returned. And the profit you can leave yourself.

This operation is called a "short sale professionals". You have to understand, What if the stock price rise, then in order, to return securities, they have to buy more for their money, fixing loss.

Where and how to invest in stocks

The main area for trade shares of Russian companiesThe Moscow stock exchange. Operations on the Moscow stock exchange can be done only through Broker, party trading system.

In doing so, the investor must take into account a number of factors. First of all, brokerage company must be reliable. In spite of the fact, that the Securities and money customers are stored separately from the professional participant of securities market, in the event of its bankruptcy investor waiting for enough big problems. Trading accounts, Unlike deposits in banks, do not fall under the guarantee deposit insurance Agency.

The second important factor is the size of the commissions. Buying and selling shares of Russian companies, the investor receives as profit, and loss. When the broker takes a percentage or a fixed amount per transaction in any case. When making a large number of transactions such taxes can have a significant impact on the final result, especially if you select is not the most suitable tariff plan of the proposed.

For beginner investors factor selection can be provided to broker support during work on the market. Some companies provide a full range of consulting services,

literally prepared to the customer's hand, explaining, shares of Russian companies need to buy, and what to sell, and why. Others just provide electronic access to Exchange via the computer and Internet. Of course, and in that, and in another case, one must understand, that risk changes quotes the entire responsibility of the customer. But the price of brokerage services with and without accompaniment may differ in several times.

Example of use

Successful operation

Suppose, the investor bought shares “Gazprom” in February 2006 year costs 144 rubles per unit (1). If he'd sold the securities in a year, in February 2007 year, the cost of each of them would 327 rubles per unit (2). Total net profit 327-144 equal to 183 ruble, that corresponds to the 127% p.a..

Example of botched operations with shares

At the same time, If an investor had acquired these same shares “Gazprom” in August 2008 year, when price was 296 rubles per share (3), and would have sold for a year 154 rubles per paper (4), He'd lost 142 the ruble more than half or more of their capital.

How to trade stocks


  1. Long think about how, to start investing in securities. Of course, earlier invested their savings in deposits, but at the current level of inflation this becomes a disadvantage. I am interested in two questions. First, how profitable buying and selling at the Moscow stock exchange foreign currency, in particular, euro. And the second, as as quoted last year Gazprom shares, How advantageous purchase of shares?


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