Banking innovation die first

Requiem for a Instabanku

Банковские инновации умирают первыми

Another financial institution, offered its customers banking innovation, as a result, to date, cannot meet its obligations to customers. Dependent structure devoid of recently licensed military-industrial bank ended up virtual Instabank.

As the CENTRAL BANK is the banking sector

The question is not whether, that in Russia one-by-one die banks. Can be, and the truth, Why is the country so many financial institutions, in the early nineties of the last century reached two and a half thousand, and at the beginning of this year still remained about a thousand.

The problem is not stripping, and in that, that closed in the first place does not really rather dull and clumsy organization, not able to work with clients. Victims total elimination of "unnecessary" are those, who brings advanced technology in our country. Innovative banks, not monopolists, not gone far from the notorious savings banks.

Giant banks with State participation have demonstrated in recent years, the growth of assets. But not because they have learned to work. Quite simply customers are shifting their assets under their custody, fearing an unpredictable action is not always adequate regulator. And advanced credit organizations, такие, as once was Moscow. ru, And now Roketbank and Instabank — are behind.

Banking innovation Instabanka

Instabanka project was launched in 2013 year. And it started with Facebook, that new development has proved to be represented in the famous world show financial technologies FinovateFall in New York.

It would seem, the country should be proud, her design shows indeed such a prestigious event. Far not every banking innovation in General receive such honor. However, from the outset, the project faced a number of difficulties.

The platform was launched in April 2013 year. Banking innovation were, that customers not only receive debit cards and the ability to pay using smartphones. The system was truly integrated into the Facebook social network.

And it worked so. User, selecting the appropriate application and confirming its powers, can instantly transfer money to your friends. If someone of the recipients did not have an account in the Bank, then within a couple of days he could open it and get the map, with home delivery.

Such services open up new possibilities for people. For example, with their help you can, a meal in the restaurant, quickly and easily share costs between the participants of the event, and the like.

Banking innovations and Russian reality

From the very beginning of Instabank in Russia could not work as a financial company. For transfers require a banking license. As a result, relatively inexpensive and fully implemented the project cost approximately 4 million dollars ended up depending on military-industrial bank.

Now, hindsight, you might think is too me, find a partner. However, actually, you have to understand, that work started, most likely, so, that was. That is one of the first interested project.

Banking innovations fairly quickly acquired customers. Number of accounts has exceeded 15 thousands of. At the same time, It can be assumed, the military industrialists ' appetites have grown. Instabank became, in fact,, BIG Internet Bank. This happened in August of this year.

And then it all ended. Because BIG selected license. Moreover, to date, the hole in the capital of the military-industrial bank is estimated at 6,7 billion rubles. A high-tech company "Insta", developing banking innovations and holds your money in accounts in this credit organization, clearly does not fall under the guarantee deposits.

Banking innovation die

At the moment the fate of client money is under a big question. In any case,, in the coming months, an investor will have to wait for compensation from DIA. And the money the Organizer system is generally unlikely someone will return.

In the process of bankruptcy procedure advanced platform will be sold under the hammer». However, two questions. Firstly, whom. And secondly, whether by the time clients. Or they, like most Russians, will the same Sberbank.

So what, that – queue. Little did, online system — lagging from Instabanka in two generations. But, can be, the money will be intact. At least, people in this believe.


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