Banks in Crimea: Goodbye, money

Банки в Крыму: прощай, деньги

If the Bank opens its structural subdivision in Crimea, means, most likely, depositors to lose their money. Even if they themselves to the occupied territory do not have the slightest relation. Just banks in Crimea — long live.

And it's not even that, that such credit institutions are at risk as quickly as possible to get under sanctions and lose their assets abroad. As a rule, in Crimea goes those, who have nothing to lose. This irrefutably said statistics TSB for licences of credit institutions.

Banks in Crimea: Statistics

The peak of popularity for credit institutions from Russia reached the peninsula 2014 year. Not only short-sighted counterparts also deceived on inexpensive, Although extremely poor-quality vacation. Universal has not bypassed the euphoria and financiers.

At the time of capture in the Crimea worked order 70 Ukrainian credit organizations. However, the National Bank of Ukraine forbade financial institutions provide services in the temporarily occupied territory. As a result, they are all gone. And as it seemed to many, vacant seat left vacant.

Only two credit institutions, originally registered on the territory of Crimea, do not submit a solution: Sevastopol Sea Bank and the Black Sea Regional Development Bank (CHBRR). They both lost almost immediately Ukrainian license.

At one point their forces in Crimea opened up 31 Bank of the aggressor country Russia. Even though, that their actions most directly fall under international sanctions. Perhaps, someone seemed to, that everything will be. Hoping for a traditional Russian AVOs. But as a rule, from the outset the case otherwise.

Who works in the Crimea

Banks in Crimea is first and foremost, those organizations, whom, by and large, have nothing to lose. Among the pioneers were "Russia», one of the first subject sanctions, According to a number of MEDIA, Pocket Bank President. As well as RNCB, at that time, owned by VTB group and sold by local authorities in the peninsula.

The second and most popular category of credit institutions, podavšihsâ in Crimea is initially small and shady banks. Those, who is initially not all good went with reputation and deliberately came to problems with controller.

Can be, many of them counted on some indulgence by the Russian authorities and the Bank of Russia. Someone was hoping, that any transgression, big and small, closed eyes.

But as a result of 31 Bank in Crimea to autumn 2016 years left only 14. Statistics show that, that over time 15 credit institutions have lost licenses. And the total payments is already evaluated by the deposit insurance agency about 3,5 billion rubles. But this is, apparently, It is not so much compared to 100 billions in subsidies.

Banks in Crimea and lost money

All this suggests that the, banks in Crimea, including itself and Peninsula, and Sevastopol city with special status is by definition not reliable. Any investor is more, than 50% chance to queue up to receive payments from the insurance fund.

Probability, that banks will come under sanctions in Crimea is not even a chance, This warranty. So keep on accounts in these credit institutions currency – You can take the financial madness.

Moreover, those funds, financiers have already proved to be frozen on correspondent accounts abroad is nevertheless, still taken into account in accordance with the instructions of the CENTRAL BANK as real assets. But this does not mean, that they will ever be able to get back. Because the current Government to return stolen from Ukraine while also not going.

It's only a matter of time, that deposit insurance agency is provided enough money for current payments. Assets missing until, While bankruptcy did not take massive. And in the case of a full-scale banking panic money clearly at all would not be.

From here you can make a sad conclusion: with banks in Crimea it is better not to mess. And even more so, If a credit institution opens its structural subdivision, It is best to close the account and generally stay away from it.


  1. Yes, quickly the same euphoria. The sad part of it all, no banks – No economy, the truth of the old, as the world. True, had to hear the opinion of the, that no banks, Neither the resorts there are, in principle, should not be, only military bases. Maybe it's a deliberate policy on squeezing financiers from the Crimea.

  2. Don't panic guys. That's already 2,5 year Crimea is alive and thriving with the remaining banks. Without banks – No “the circulatory system” the territory of the. We lived 3 of the month at the moment Ukrainian banks udiranija – this collapse. Well we bailed out Bank CHBRR – life has begun and we are alive. Yes, left our hryvnia and deposits and balances of Ukraine. But remained Ukrainian real estate on the territory of Crimea. Thanks To The Head Of The Crimea Serhiy Valeriyovych Aksenova – We get reimbursed until deposits, hope and recovery of funds on accounts. Alone would have taken away somewhere Aksenova with.. on “increase” from the Crimea. Main – the world and the Sun in the Crimea


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