Banks lower rates on deposits

Банки снижают ставки по вкладам

One after the other banks lower rates on deposits in rubles and foreign currency. The percentage of, that you can earn in the vast majority of credit institutions is significantly below the expected inflation rate. And the dollars and euros in proposed conditions — in General, it is best to keep the home. What is this, conspiracy of financial institutions or a naïve optimism, which the CBR and infected the Ministry banking system?

Banks lower rates in LCY

To date intrest in top 10 Russian banks decreased by a few percent. Summary table of proposals looks so. Sberbank, «Save» – 6,95% in the year, VTB-24, Group VTB – "Profitable" – 9,3%, Gazprombank – «Prospective» – 8,9%, and so on.

Not lagging behind domestic credit institutions and banks with foreign participation: Raiffeisenbank -deposit «Profitable» – 8%, Unicredit Bank – «Prospective» – 8,5%.

Banks lower rates in currency

However, the largest drop of the rates stated in the foreign exchange segment. Sberbank offers to its clients the purely symbolic placement Bonus dollars – only from 0,01 before 2,06%, with a maximum rate of money should be put on as many as three years and from 100 th. United States dollars. The highest percentage on the euro in General is 0,65%, also for three years and from 100 th. Euro.

Following the largest bank of the country immediately followed and other credit organizations. The best suggestion for today- 3,05% in the year of Russian agricultural Bank, but the average barely exceeds 0,2%.

All this is irrefutably demonstrated: financial institutions generally are not interested in attracting deposits in foreign currency. They are not ready, assuming the devaluation risks. And the market is quite rubles enough and even with excess.

Rates and macroeconomic indicators

Meanwhile, in reality the situation in the Russian economy is folded do not so optimistic, as it may seem at first sight. In the opinion of independent experts, March generally turned out to be the most disastrous month for the past few years. The fall in GDP for the first quarter 2016 year, According to various estimates, amounted to about 1,8-2%. Everyone is talking about reducing demand for loans for businesses due to the phase-outs and any other business. In the country reached total poverty and poverty.

Reduced consumption. Retail turnover by the end of March fell by 5,5% compared with the same period last year. Real wages for the year fell at least 3%, the unemployment rate has reached 6%. In this situation, new loans declined for the month 0,5%.

At the same time more and more people do not have any savings. And the bulk of the revenue is spent on food.

Lower interest rates and inflation

While banks reduce interest rates without regard to inflation. In the first quarter of 2016 officially this ratio for the period amounted to 2,1%, that is roughly equivalent to not less than 8,4% for the year. It should be noted, that inflation on food and necessities is always above average values.

Thus, for deposits in rubles banks offer their customers placing deposits actually free. Without taking into account the risk of devaluation, no interest for the use of money. On rates, approximately equal volume, that will be lost as a result of lower cost of rezannoj paper with State symbols.

Similarly happens with contributions in foreign currency. In dollar and euro zone inflation extremely risk. By and large, Today it is the main problem, facing both the Federal Reserve System, and the European Central Bank. Their goal is inflation of around 2%, that is normal and necessary for the development of the economy.

Most likely, they succeed in the next year or two are up to the challenge. And then those, who will post today money on contribution to the same Sberbank or any other Russian major credit organization, will be in deep red.

Banks reduces rates without risk

And even if this does not happen? If inflation turns out to be zero to Europe and America? Then in fact interest on deposits in foreign currency, which reduce the banks, does not reflect the main fundamental principle of financial science. Any income must meet accepted for themselves at risk.

Clearly you can tell, that the placement of the currency within the borders of our country carries with it the risk is substantially different from the proposed zero. Suffice it to say, that scenario is quite possible, When the Government's actions can lead to blocking of assets abroad, the forced conversion of deposits in Russia, and so on.

No better looks and in the rouble zone. It's no secret, at least one hundred banks — took clearly the extra line in the list of organizations, licensed. And CBR fixes this week after week of injustice.

Today the Russian economy received some breathing room: the price of oil, albeit temporarily, without fundamental factors, still rose from the annual minimums. A similar picture we have seen in the past year in this same time period.

Nevertheless,, few analysts will argue, that further devaluation of ruble possible, and most likely, happens at the end of the summer 2016 year or fall. On the same say and slimming eyes reserves. Is it worth even to suggest, the risk is at least closely similar to zero?..

Reduced rates of banks on deposits: the conclusions of the

So why does the reduction of rates of banks on deposits? This may be hiding multiple causes, We can only express their assumptions etc one hundred percent reliable information.

Firstly, This may be related to a serious setback in the economy, followed by a drop in demand for funds for settlements in the whole. For fallen traffic requires less money. Credit enterprises need less and less, because its sales leads to a reduction in production. And people, mothers who lose income, do not require further borrowing for consumer needs.

Secondly, It is quite possible, the policy of pumping money transition through emission-has already begun. Just us hardly anyone says about this in advance. About such things, How to turn on the printing press, not publicly announce. And we will be able to judge what is happening is only indirect signs. One of which is a drop in demand for additional banks deposits. And why, When the CBR can take cheaper?

In any case,, from the perspective of clients it is necessary to make the disappointing conclusion. Only absolutely illiterate people financially can classify credit institutions money at a loss. And for those, who can read and think, in this situation better or spend all, that there are, on yourself, No one is listening. Or look for other options for investing.


  1. Good afternoon.
    It seems to me that if a person wants and knows how to make money on investing – no crisis is not afraid. More so in 21 century has a very large number of legal organization that provide and, of course, need additional investment on the part of the population. Trouble is – the financial ILLITERACY of the population. Thank you.

  2. Recently I have always the feeling of complete financial ignorance of most people.
    Inflation is so high, now that even if you open a bank account for several million – It will still be very disadvantageous solution. About small contributions generally silently.
    And when on “zomboyaschiku” show “low” inflation so just want to spit)
    By the way, from the view “zomboyaschika” refused to have a term of two years and no droplets do not regret!


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