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AvtoVAZ is the largest patriotic organization, producing cars. Legal form-JSC. Production is carried out in Togliatti and Izhevsk. On the technical capabilities of AvtoVAZ is capable of producing almost one million automobiles and automobile kits annually. For all time existence was more 28 million cars.

Now the company has 400 official dealers. At the enterprises employ more than 52 thousands of people.








  • One of Russia's largest companies non-primary sector
  • City-forming Enterprise, that guarantees State support in complex situations.
  • Foreign management


  • During crises, car market turns in not the best situation, one of the first.
  • The low reputation of the company's products, inherited from the Soviet era.

Moving Quotes

Information about Avtovaze

Founded in 1966 year as automobile plant. Production was carried out in Togliatti. Here produced the famous Soviet "zhiguli", "Oka", «Niva», «Samara» and «Sputnik». With the collapse of the Soviet Union, the company has become the epicenter of criminal wars with lots of complicated machinations, Economic and criminal crimes. As a result of these conflicts 90-ies. the deaths of more than 500 man. Among them were businessmen, public figures, the employees of militia, gangsters, media representatives, as well as the top management of plant.

The situation has stabilised to varying degrees with the beginning of the 2000 's. Then AvtoVAZ's shares were issued under the authority of the State Corporation "Rustech". She was able to revive the plant and bring it out of the crisis. Investment companies and banks on the request of "Rosteha" for the plant were developed anti-crisis programs and programs for the development of the plant.

AvtoVAZ, Autovaz sharesAt the moment the company occupies a leading position in the production of domestic cars. At plants in Togliatti and Dallas produced cars brands such, as: LADA, Renault, Nissan, Datsun, etc.

The prospects of the company Avtovaz

The company plans to increase the efficiency of production facilities, further stabilization of supply and improve the quality of vehicles and automotive components. Among the promising objectives: the expansion of exports, increase in operating profit and the development of the six latest models of LADA to 2017 year.

Autovaz Shares

Share capital the organization distributed as follows: 74,5 % AvtoVAZ's shares are Alliance Rostec Auto (B).(V). This joint venture the Renault-Nissan Alliance and Russia's State Corporation «Rostehnologiâ». The first organization belongs 67,13% shares in AvtoVAZ. The second- 32,87%. Other 25,5 % AvtoVAZ's shares are held by minority shareholders.

The main

Market capitalization:
The value of the company:
P/e Ratio:
PEG Ratio:
Price/Sales Ratio:
Price/book value ratio:
Ratio Price/Income:
Ratio Price/EBITDA:

Финансовые показатели

Financial year
Reporting date:
Last report:
Monetary assets:
Monetary assets per share:
Total debt:
Debt per share:
Coeff. current liquidity:
Net book value per share:
Account of profits (loss)
Sales per share:
Change in sales per quarter, year-to-year:
Gross profit (loss):
Net total income of shareholders:
Earnings per share (EPS):
The quarterly changes in yield (year-to-year):
Cash flow
Operating cash flow:
Free cash flow:
Profit margin:
Operating margin:
Management effectiveness
Return on assets:
Return on shareholders ' equity

Trade information

История котировок
Beta Coefficient:
Change for the 52 of the week:
Maximum per year:
Minimum per year:
The average for 50 days:
The average for 200 days:
Average trading volume:
Shares issued:
Shares in circulation:
Shares from affiliates:
Shares from institutional investors
Open short positions:
Coefficient of short positions
% short sales from:
Shares in short selling:
Dividend and split (crushing) shares
Expected dividends for the year:
Expected dividend yield:
The current dividend yield:
The average dividend yield for 5 years:
Dividend payout ratio:
Date of dividend payment:
Register closing date:
The latter conducted stock split:
Date of split:

Avtovaz Indicators

Implementation 2013 2014 Deviation
1. Cars 501465 538985 37520
1.1 On the Russian market 402199 362475 -39724
1.2 In export markets 78440 51791 -26649
1.3 Contracts vehicles 20826 124719 103893
2. Car kits 141143 123472 -17671
In t. h. sets at GM-AVTOVAZ» 57939 45067 -12872

Where to buy shares of AutoVAZ

Ordinary shares are quoted on the stock exchange Moscow Avtovaz. They can buy or sell any investor, using one of the recommended brokers.

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